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Michael Jai White & Tommy Davidson Talk Black Dynamite

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Kwame’ Talks HipHop, BMX & Comics on

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Internets Celebrities: Checkmate

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Margot Bingham spill Secrets from Filming Boardwalk Empire!

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Internets Celebrities: Cereal is Dope

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An Intimate Conversation With Jennifer Hudson (Part 1)

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LeVelle Moton: ‘The Worst Times Are The Best Times’

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 photo Levelle-Moton-the-industry-cosign_zpsdebc5ccf.jpgLeVelle Moton, head coach of the men’s basketball team at North Carolina Central University, has written a book that he hopes will inspire others.

The Worst Times Are The Best Times speaks to many of the factors that can and do inspire others and draws from Moton’s life experiences. The coach spoke with The Industry Cosign about his yearly charity event, the book he just wrote, and how he inspires his players.

What made you decide to write the book The Worst Times Are The Best Times?

I wrote this book to inspire people to make great things happen in their lives, whether young people with similar childhoods and a lot of tough decisions ahead of them, or businessmen and -women looking for a push to work hard and create their own paths to success. The Boys & Girls Club of Raleigh was an incredible gift to me as a child – a place to feel safe, stay out of trouble, and be motivated to make something of myself.  I have had so many great mentors that have guided me along the way, and I wanted to share just a little of that with others through this book.

What is it about? Read more…

TIL This Week Ep 32 [Guests, Celebs Fall Back & more]

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Rahiem Shabazz: ‘Elementary Genocide is More Than a Documentary, It’s a Call to Action’

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 photo Rahiem-Shabazz-the-industry-cosign_zpsf2c0e943.jpgStories are meant to be told, documentaries are meant to be seen. There are so many different tales that need to be acknowledged and documenting via film is one of the most effective ways to tell a story. There are many issues in the black community and this cannot be denied. Education is the key when it comes to trying to uplift your people, and what better way to do that than through film?

Rahiem Shabazz, award-winning journalist and filmmaker, has a story that needed to be told and with his cunning skills as a journalist and passion for the subject at hand, there was no way he was gonna drop the ball! The critical praise of Elementary Genocide has propelled him further in the game to a point that, although this isn’t his first film, it’s an effective start to many more to come.

The Atlanta resident spoke to The Industry Cosign about why he felt the need to film this subject matter, the marketing details, and what’s next for the camera lens. Read more…

Mitzi Miller: ‘I’ll Continue to Uplift and Enhance the EBONY Brand to the Best of my Ability’

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 photo mitzi-miller-the-industry-cosign_zps1e719d94.jpgOnce again proving that your passion can lead to a rewarding career, Ebony Magazine’s Editor-In-Chief, Mitzi Miller, utilized her passion for reading into a fulfilling and lasting commitment to help determine the type of content we see. She shows that knowing what your audience wants can place you in position to be successful and recognized for it.

Taking the time to talk to The Industry Cosign, Miller speaks with us about what led her to journalism, what she has planned for the future and what her favorite holiday is.

Congrats on your recent position. You were recently Editor-In-Chief of JET, now that you are the EIC of Ebony, what will be different in terms of how you approach this position as compared to your last one? Read more…

Black Twitter Study

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The Femi Allen Wasserman Interview

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 photo Femi-Wasserman-the-industry-cosign_zps803f3a01.jpgFemi Allen Wasserman is so used to being first that it doesn’t even seem like it’s rare for her to be a pioneer in any position she holds. She is VP of communications of DraftKings Inc., and company spokesperson, as well as the only African American female executive in the daily fantasy sports industry. Being first is not unusual for Wasserman.

If you are involved in fantasy sports, then you’d understand its popularity. If you don’t, then know that with more than a million registered users, DraftKings is on track to distribute more than $200 million in cash prizes in 2014.

So, how does a former director of product development for Capital One Financial get involved in fantasy sports? Well, The Industry Cosign caught up with this busy lady to discuss how she splits work and family and being a one-of-a-kind in a field where she doesn’t see any faces like hers in the ranks.

What drove you to become involved in fantasy sports, something dominated by men?

Well, I’ve always been in industries dominated by men. I was a math major and worked in finance before DraftKings, so being a minority in more ways than one was never a concern for me. However, I’ve also been a sports fan since I was very young. It started with watching NFL football on Sundays with my dad, so when this opportunity presented itself, I was beyond excited.

You are currently the only African American female executive in the daily fantasy sports industry. How do you deal with having that distinction? Read more…

The 5Ws: Mina “SayWhat” Llona

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 photo Mina-SayWhat-llona-the-industry-cosign_zps3f0665ee.jpgWho: Mina “SayWhat” Llona

What: Rise & Grind Morning Show (Philly’s Power 99)

Why: Mina “SayWhat” Llona is a renowned media personality currently on the Rise & Grind Morning Show (6a-10a) on Philadelphia’s legendary urban station WUSL-FM aka Power 99.  Mina is the founder, leader, and mentor of “The Power Squad” - an all-female dance team (ages 15-22). She is also the voice of the weather for 103.5 The Beat in Miami and is an ambassador for the Philadelphia 76ers community outreach program “Sixers Strong.

Where: Based in New Jersey & Philadelphia

When: Mina SayWhat is currently on air on Philly’s Power 99 and is a personality on the Rise & Grind Morning Show. Mina is also the Social Media Director for 2 urban stations (Power 99 & WDAS 105.3) and is celebrating her 10 year anniversary since first broadcasting on the radio at the age of 18. Read more…

Miss Info Talks To Raury About Signing His Major Label Deal

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John Witherspoon Talks “Black Jesus”, “The Boondocks”, and Memories With Robin Williams

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Remy Ma: Nicki Minaj And Iggy Azalea Aren’t The Only Female Rappers

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Questlove on Fela Kuti [Extended Interview from Finding Fela]

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The Jamie Roberts Interview

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 photo Jamie-roberts-the-industry-cosign_zps67ef9e98.jpg

  1. How long have you been doing comedy professionally and how did you get into it?


I have been doing comedy professionally since 2004. I pursued comedy after attending a show with my brother and thinking I could do this. I was always the class clown and funny guy in the circles so I gave it a shot. My first time performing I won the Funniest Person From the Suburbs awarded by Standup NY


  1. What aspirations do you have as far as taking your comedy to a different level? Are you a writer, do you just do stand up, what is it that makes you happy when you do comedy?

Read more…

VIBE VIXEN Style Profile Fashion Awards: Nicki Minaj, Rihanna, Khloe Kardashian & More

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Chevy Woods #ByAnyMeansTour Take 2

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Fred and Donnie Hangout – Part 1

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Annette Davidson Unites Her Passion for Food and Marketing

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 photo annette-davidson-the-industry-cosign_zpsc2b4602d.jpgIn an ideal world, were it not for having to pay bills or buy some of the things we need, many of us would work for free at a job we love. Of course, the majority of workers don’t actually have that luxury, especially in these trying economic times. In starting Icon Food Marketing, self-proclaimed foodie Annette Davidson was able to unite her passions for food and marketing.

The Industry Cosign spoke with Davidson, who has worked with brands including Belcour Preserves Ltd., Grana Padano, Cheeses of France, and Thomas’ English Muffin, on her decision to start Icon Food Marketing, how she finds client synergies, and her recent role in helping budding entrepreneurs in the Caribbean.

What is Icon Food Marketing and what prompted your decision to start the company? Read more…

Adenah Bayoh: ‘For me, Passion is a Key Ingredient for Success in Business’

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 photo Adenah-bayoh-ihop-the-industry-cosign_zps2fd602b4.jpgWhen you have survived and persevered as a child living through the Liberian Civil War, anything and everything is possible. We tend to use problematic situations as an excuse if we aren’t successful or if we don’t put forth the effort. This isn’t nor will it ever be the case with Adenah Bayoh.

This New Jersey resident has turned her life experience, banking opportunity and entrepreneurial spirit into a winning formula that, no doubt, will increase even more as she continues to build her empire. She was the youngest IHOP franchisee and made that into the fastest-growing IHOP in the northeast. Impressive for a first-time restaurant owner.

Bayoh talks to The Industry Cosign about her reason for getting into real estate, her obligation to own her businesses locally, and her next plan when it comes to revitalizing communities.

What inspired you to become an entrepreneur as opposed to just getting a job and working for someone else? Read more…

TIL EP 30 [Beyonce's "Petition" video, Central Park 5, Mugshot hotties]

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Common Visits Torae on #TheTorGuide

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Levina Lye

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 photo levina-lye-the-industry-cosign_zps70dce74a.jpgBy Bobby J.

As one of the first media outlets to spot Levina Lye’s incomparable talent, we are proud to see how far she has come in a short period of time.  Her  debut project, Pieces of Me, she wrote and executive produced has received acclamations from music critics around the globe with singles charting overseas. Never one to forget those who have supported her career since the beginning, the  remarkable Bronx bred 23 year old  took a break from her #LoveIsSuicide tour to bring us up to date.


Now that you EP has received so much praise by so many music execs, how do you feel about the overall perception?

I think my EP has been well received by the people but most importantly it’s relatable. It was created to be real and people like that. I want people to know I’m no gimmick. I’m the real thing.

What is your favorite song off the EP and why?

Abandoned is my favorite song off the EP  because I really felt that way at one point. All the songs are written from the heart but Abandoned is so deep to me. The melody and harmonies make me love it even more.

As the executive producer, you arranged the songs in a specific order to narrate a story.  Please explain why it was important to you?

I always need things to make sense. Everything I do comes from a creative place. Pieces of Me tells my story of past experiences in order. It has its highs and its lows ,just like life.

Having written from personal experience, has completing Pieces of Me been therapeutic? If so, in what ways?

It definitely has helped me to move on and overcome past experiences. Writing Pieces of Me has taught me so many things about myself, most importantly how strong I really am. It’s a message to people that no matter how bad it seems sometimes, there is always a way to find positivity.

You have been performing all over NYC, what has the experience been like for you as an emerging artist?

It’s exciting and it is honestly so humbling. I get to do what I love and share my music with the world. It’s a beautiful thing to get up on a stage and have people appreciate my art.

What has been the biggest disappointment to you since the EP dropped?

I can honestly say there are no disappointments at all. I accomplished what I set out to do as far as completing the EP. I’m currently touring and I love it!  I tend to try and look for the best in every situation. I expect there to be doubters and people too proud to support but at the end of the day I know what it is. My talent and humility will speak for itself. Like my project manager/ partner says, “You have to take the sugar with the sh*t.”

As an acclaimed singer/songwriter, you have turned down several songwriting opportunities.  Can you explain why it so important that you perform your songs exclusively? Has there been any backlash?

My songs are so personal to me that I couldn’t imagine anyone else singing them. I hold my words close to heart and so they are really hard to let go. So far there’s been no negativity, I think my sentiments are appreciated.

You have accomplished so much in such a short period of time, what would you consider the key to your success?

I just stay focused on moving forward. This is my dream, my biggest passion in life, so I’m determined to make it happen.

One of the few independent artists to own their masters independently, what advice do you offer aspiring talent as far as business?

Do as much as you can on your own. Most importantly, invest in your dreams. It’s a beautiful feeling to make things happen. Remain consistent!

Are there plans for a complete project? If so, when?

I’m always working so new music is definitely on the way soon. I really want the world to hear Pieces of Me so that’s my main focus for now.


Shout outs? Shout out to #TeamLevinaLye My supportive family, and Be’n Original for believing in my dream.

DJ Vlad On Jay Electronica’s Diss, Rappers in Sports Management & French Montana W/ Khloe

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Malacka Reed: Makeup and Motivation

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Malacka-ReedBy BIG CED

Struggles. We all experience them somehow— some of us more often than others. What separates people is whether they can overcome them or allow it to consume them. There are many who use their struggle as a means to fuel their success, or at least they won’t let it overtake and defeat them.

This is the story of motivational speaker, Malacka Reed. To understand that you have a gift is one thing. To understand that you should utilize that gift in order to help others is in itself a different gift.

When you can motivate others who are going through what you went through and make a career out of it and feel good in the process, then you know you’ve chosen the right field.

The Industry Cosign spoke to Reed about what motivates her, her past, present and future journey.

Who is Malacka Reed and why should we know you? Read more…

Angie Martinez – THE TRUTH With Elliott Wilson

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Big Tigger: Utilizing That Entrepreneurial Spirit to Strengthen the Brand

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Big Tigger

The Bronx, New York: Home of the greatest sports franchise, the New York Yankees and also the place that birthed hip-hop. More than likely, growing up in the ’80s, a New York kid had dreams of being involved in the business of hip-hop and or sports. The environment provided kids with the opportunity to use whatever talents they thought they had and seeing people like Kool Herc and Grandmaster Flash succeed in music, and listening to the sounds of KRS-One, gave a lot of kids from the Bronx, the hope to “make it big.”

Darian “Big Tigger” Morgan, Bronx native, Truman High School graduate, was one of those kids. The lure of success in the hip-hop game led him to participating in several aspects of the culture, including rapping, break dancing and, of course, DJing. As an intern at Washington D.C.’s WPCG 95.5, the Big Tigger brand was just formulating, success was within reach. Twenty years later, Big Tigger is STILL here, still building and it may take another 20 years for him to slow down.

The Industry Cosign spoke to the radio personality from Atlanta’s V-103 FM, who can be heard weekdays from 2 p.m. to 6 p.m. EST. He discussed the business of his brand, how he got his start and why he doesn’t “want no issues with the MOUSE!”

You’ve been in the game for a number of years now, being successful in the radio and TV arenas, what prompted you to make this your career? Was this something you set out to do? Read more…


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