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It Needs To Be CED: ALL Police Corruption NEEDS to be Exposed!

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Once again, corruption in the ranks of the New York Police Department and it’s not getting the type of publicity it needs to get. In today’s news, it’s reported (No, it’s not front page headline) that Sergeant William Eiseman,  accepted a deal that calls for him to serve weekends in jail for three months. His crime? First-degree perjury and official misconduct. He was also training subordinates how to falsify records and commit perjury, yet, he was only sentenced to serve an approximate 24 days in jail for a crime that carries a maximum sentence of seven years? Why is it that this isn’t newsworthy? You have a police SERGEANT pleading guilty to falsifying records and his excuse was he had the right intent, although what he did was illegal. Yet, the media gets all up in arms about Anthony Wiener showing photos of his genitals via Twitter yet this news barely gets mentioned!

What amazes me is that this police officer, SWORN to uphold the law, actually broke them to try to get convictions, yet, he is sentenced to 24 DAYS in jail. What is wrong with this picture? How are we to know that this isn’t widespread? Where are the politicians on this? How come this isn’t front page headlines? What does Mayor Bloomberg have to say about this?

This police officer has been a sergeant for over 4 years, who is to say that this is the first and only time he has done this? There are TOO MANY innocent people in jail, most of whom happen to be of color, most likely poor and can’t afford right representation. Even if some are career criminals and may even deserve to be in jail, this is a system that was setup to follow certain rules and if the police department can’t abide by their own rules, why should anyone? I’m sure that the time some of these police officers plot to satisfy whatever quotas set forth for them, they can actually solve crimes that REALLY need to be solved then to try to pad numbers for the sake of pleasing superiors, then there can be some trust in police officers.

There is NO REASON that this isn’t getting publicized in the same vein as other well-publicized news. And you wonder why there is distrust in the police department, politics and the government………

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  1. QueenVegGoddess
    June 29, 2011 at 2:13 PM

    THIS is nothing new, considering the fact that the pig, Meserle (Oscar Grant’s killer) didn’t serve hardly ANY time for cold-blooded MURDER!!!
    Shows JUST how much this country supports ”doin the right thang”!!! Our un-justice system supports the wrong doing of cops across the US… Again, nothing new.

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