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How Long Should a Crush Last? (Love Me/Love Me Not)

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do you like me yes or no

Dear NWSO,

I tried to submit my question to you through Formspring but it was too long. So here goes: I’ve liked this guy for over three years so it’s too long to be just a crush. I don’t know how he feels about me because I never asked him mainly because I’m scared of the answer.

Our friendship has lasted through crazy girlfriends and small arguments. At one point he asked me if I liked him and I said, “Yes.” Then, my guard went up and insecurity took over and instead of asking him how he felt about him I said, “I don’t expect anything in return.” He didn’t speak to me for a few days after that conversation and a lot of time has passed since that then. Read more…


Pusha T feat. Tyler The Creator- Trouble On My Mind

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Mike Epps – More Than Jokes

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By Andreas Hale

Ever since his breakthrough role as Day-Day Jones in “Next Friday,” Mike Epps has remained on the scene in both standup comedy and film. It’s been more than a decade and even Epps is sometimes surprised at all that he’s accomplished. As he continues his standup tour, Epps takes time to speak with TWV about being funny all the time, what makes him laugh, having his jokes used for Eminem and Royce’s “I’m On Everything,” working with Tupac’s mother and if there will ever be another “Friday” movie.

TWV: You’ve been doing standup for damn near two decades, does it ever get old? Read more…

Paul White – “Trust” ft. Guilty Simpson

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