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Gees Extortion “Chasin”

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Torae “Do The Math”

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G-Shock, DGK, Supra, 9Five Eyewear = Stevie Williams

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Pro-Skater & Brand Ambassador Stevie Williams Goes Beyond the Board

G-Shock/Casio Releases New Commercial, Unveils 9Five Eyewear Collection, Supra Footwear Tour Marks Successful,  

DGK Adds Girl Power and Williams Signs To New Management


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Everlast to release Songs of the Ungrateful Living on Oct 18th

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Grammy winner, Everlast to release new album, 

Songs of the Ungrateful Living, on October 18th

Album to be released on artist’s own label Martyr Inc. Records,

in partnership with EMI Music

First single, “I Get By,” set to impact modern rock radio on September 12th.


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Mocha City Beauty Lounge Debuts In Illinois

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Get ready to experience a chic, new and distinctly inviting full-service salon where luxury, pampering and style are delivered to each guest in abundance.

The Mocha City Beauty Lounge opened its doors in June 2011 by owner Dr. Tchicaya Ellis Roberston, an entrepreneur and 15 year marketing and research expert who saw a need, had a vision, and carries a passion for creating business opportunities for professionals, and quality services for deserving clients.

This lofty and luxurious beauty lounge occupies nearly 5,000 square feet and offers world-class salon and spa services – specializing in natural and relaxed hair care along with nail, waxing, facial, and massage services. Top notch barbers are also on staff providing cuts, fades and shaves.
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I Made A Baby With the Devil: A Black Mom’s Story of Parenting and Domestic Abuse

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Many years ago, I met a man who seemed normal, but was actually the devil. Well, not literally the devil.  He was more like the guy the devil would turn to when he needed to be amused or inspired. This escaped me when we met and I fell in love with him. I thought, “Yes! This is who I wish to create a child with.”

I should have seen the red flags—there were plenty. I can see them clearly now, but the thing about red flags is that they wave quietly, like a soft whisper. Red flags should come with loud horns or a Justin Bieber CD—you know, something that makes the soul shudder and ache.  But no, they just wave back and forth like a gentle tropical breeze, caressing the illusion of happy and cloaking poor judgment.

When I was pregnant, my son’s DNA provider promised me that he would stop being verbally and physically abusive. I should have known he was lying when he also promised me world peace and a moon-walking Unicorn. Domestic abusers don’t stop the violence because their women are pregnant—in all-too-many cases, they increase it. But I believed every word he said. It was easier to believe and accept this fantasy instead of facing the life I had created for myself. Read more…

The Industry Cosign hits Palm Springs

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By T. Strong

The all women’s drive event, “Heels and Wheels” was held in sunny Palm Springs, California and of course, we there. With 11 different vehicles to drive and experience, it was definitely a busy week. From General Motors to Chevrolet, Honda, Dodge and Saab, these manufacturers really rolled out the red carpet to make sure we all had a great time. Each vehicle had quite a few desired features, so to say it was difficult to to narrow it down would be an understatement. In order of my own personal preference, here are the best features of each.
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GM Acadia Denali – GM is one of the global sales leaders and judging by all the bells and whistles of this truck, I can see why. My favorite feature? The Windshield Hologram. And, with one touch of the key fob, I can open the rear lift gate with ease. You can’t go wrong with 24 highway mpg and a V6, 3.6L engine.

Volvo C-70 – There’s nothing better than riding around in a convertible…especially in Cali. The C-70’s top goes down fully in 30 seconds. You could go from incognito to all out swag while waiting at a stop light. This beauty has the largest rear seat and trunk of any hardtop convertible. Read more…

Inspiring People: International Journalist * Social Activist * Political Consultant * Inspirational Speaker, Jeff Johnson

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By Dana Roc

Jeff Johnson

From the Hip-Hop community to mainstream media, Jeff Johnson serves as a trusted voice for information and opinions to a new generation. A social activist, political strategist, inspirational speaker, executive producer and an architect for social change, Johnson is one of today’s most gifted leaders in both the political and entertainment arenas.

Recently, Johnson was named by Source Magazine as one of the hip hop generation’s key political players. Johnson has spent the last decade carving out a unique niche of merging the worlds of politics and popular culture providing cutting-edge strategic and leadership-based consulting for youth and urban demographics.

Jeff has served as the National Youth Director for the NAACP and was sent by BET on assignment to the Darfur region of Sudan 2007. Johnson is also one of only two news correspondents to interview Sudan’s President Omar Al-Bashir within the past thirteen years. An established investigative journalist, Johnson has interviewed 2008 presidential candidates Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton on BET specials regarding key issues facing the African-American community. Read more…

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