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The 5Ws: Celia San Miguel

Image Hosted by ImageShack.usWho: Celia San Miguel

What: Sicka Than Average (http://www.sickathanaverage.com)

Why: An online destination for savvy cosmopolitan women with an eclectic, risk-taking, forward-thinking sense of style and an understanding of fashion and makeup as art forms and mediums for self-expression, Sicka Than Average gives readers the scoop on all things beauty and style while encouraging them to find their own voice, their own personal aesthetic, rather than mimicking celebrity looks or abiding by restrictive style categories.

Where: Based in New York

When: Established February 2008

Title: Editor-in-Chief/Founder
Contact number: 347 255 4497
Mailing Address: 1580 Thieriot Avenue, Suite 4J  Bronx, NY 10460

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