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The 5Ws: Isha Edwards

September 12, 2011 4 comments

Image Hosted by ImageShack.usWho: Isha Edwards
Title: Brand-Marketing Consultant & Owner of EPiC Measures, LLC

What: Known as an idea catalyst and brand agent, Isha empowers individuals and organizations to excel. Through consulting or advising, speaking, participating on panels or facilitating workshops and seminars, and through instructional sessions for business executives and other personnel, Isha provides a brand- driven, comprehensive approach to owning, operating, and growing a business.

Why: Isha has a global perspective on economic development. She is committed to using creativity, ethics, and business acumen to maintain the integrity, productivity, and profitability of an organization and its members. Read more…

Rosa Acosta + The Game + Kenny Kingpin + Jazz Prince

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This weekend Socialite/Model Rosa Acosta along with West Coast Rappers The Game and Kenny Kingpin shut down Houston two nights in a row.

Attached are photos from both nights.
Image Hosted by
Events: Read more…

Internationally-renowned Designer Amal Sarieddine’s Spring 2012 Couture Fashion Show

September 12, 2011 2 comments

Double XXposure Announces

Internationally-renowned Designer Amal Sarieddine

Presents Spring 2012 Collection in Couture Fashion Show

Amal DesignerNew York, NY – September 12, 2011 –Award-winning Middle Eastern fashion designer Amal Sarieddine will make her third appearance at Couture Fashion Week  in New York City with a much-anticipated fashion show to be held at 8:00 p.m. on Friday, September 16, 2011 in the legendary Grand Ballroom at the world-famous Waldorf-Astoria hotel.

Amal Sarieddine is a young Lebanese fashion designer following in the footsteps of her mother, acclaimed designer Nawal Sarieddine, who established her own prominent design house some forty years ago. After earning her degree in fashion and interior design from the Lebanese American University, Amal launched her own collection in Beirut in 2004, a city synonymous with luxury couture style and home to such fashion icons as Elie Saab, Georges Chakra and Georges Hobeika. Amal’s designs were immediately applauded and sought out by the cream of Middle Eastern society including many celebrities and the royal families of Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Qatar and the United Arab Emirates. Her clientele also includes prominent socialites and celebrities from Europe and the United States. Read more…

Bank On Detroit Presents 9/10/11 Empowerment Day w/ Ryan Mack

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Lexx 9Eleven – “Still Shining”

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BIG SHANE – Regulators 2k11

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Boot Camp Cliue Chronicles – Fashion Night Out

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{My Four Sons} The Sorrowful Last Days of “Who Would Win In A Fight”

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Post image for {My Four Sons} The Sorrowful Last Days of “Who Would Win In A Fight”


I think, on average, that ten is the cut-off age.

It’s around that time that boys begin to almost completely lose the innocence that we secretly wish that they could retain a sliver of; you know, just enough to continue to be inquisitive, creative, and oozing with zeal and optimism. But not so much that they’ll be swindled, bamboozled, and hood winked by every Peter Popoff waiting around the corner.

Ten is the prepubescent calm before the pimply, metal-mouthed, squeaky voiced, embarrassing involuntary erection, peach-fuzzed storm. It’s before they start to believe that they can really take their old man; they’ll think they can beat you in a wrestling match, push-up and chin-up contests, they’ll think they can belch with a deeper and more manly presence. And probably, most disturbing, from what I’ve observed from my buddies with older, teen sons is that somehow, these little rascals start to believe that they know just as much as you do. Just months ago you were the coolest guy in their world. Now, you might as well be Steve Urkel’s drooling, cock-eyed, smelly step-brother, Lee Lee Urkel. Read more…


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Mind Right Money Right, Easy Steps for Tough Times

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Mind Right Money Right, Easy Steps for Tough Times

– –
Money is power but knowing how to make it work for you is freedom. That is just one of the lessons that can be found in Mind Right, Money Right: 10 Laws Of Financial Freedom, a financial guide by author Ash Cash.

Ash, who grew up in Harlem, New York, is the former Vice President of JP Morgan Chase Bank, and is currently a business consultant, financial expert, and motivational speaker.

In Mind Right, Money Right, readers can find simple yet essential rules that will help them keep their finances in check. The book details 10 Laws of Financial Freedom that wealthy men and women have used themselves in order to be successful. In its own words, the book is “geared towards anyone who is tired of having a dependency on money and is ready to take some practical steps in order to correct it.” Read more…

Birdman ft. Nicki Minaj & Lil Wayne | Y.U.Mad

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