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YOBi – That Way

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Two Upcoming Reggae Anthology Collections – Gregory Isaacs & Sugar Minott – from 17 North Parade

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After the passing of two iconic reggae artists last year – Gregory Isaacs (July 15,1951–October 25, 2010) and Sugar Minott (May 25, 1956–July 10, 2010) – 17 North Parade, the vintage imprint of VP Records, pays homage to the artists by capturing the essence of their music on two Reggae Anthology releases – Sugar Minott’s Hard Time Pressure(Oct 18) and Gregory Isaacs’ The Ruler 1972-1990 (Oct 24). Each collection contains 2 CDs and bonus DVD along with original deluxe packaging that includes extensive liner notes and exclusive archival footage and photos.

On October 18th, 17 North Parade will release Sugar Minott’s Reggae Anthology: Hard Time Pressure, highlighting his illustrious recording career that bridged three major eras in reggae: from Studio One to lover’s rock and to the digital dancehall era (where he earned the moniker Godfather of Dancehall). The late singer, producer and sound-system engineer made an inevitable mark on the genre with over 60 albums and cherished anthems including “Herbsman Hustling,”  “No Vacancy,” “Good Thing Going” and “Never Gonna Give Up Jah.” The double-disc 36-track set is also accompanied with treasured live video footage of Sugar Minott performing at JapanSplash concert in 1986.

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Chill Will’s Chart!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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It’s DJ Chill Will of the University of Michigan’s WCBN 88.3 FM. Home of the longest running Hip Hop show in the Mid-West and maybe the  country. Check our Top 40 chart for September 21. And be sure to tune into the show weekly on 88.3 FM in the Ann Arbor/Metro Detroit area or at Saturday night’s from 9pm until 12 am est.

What’s good people? Well gotta keep it quick because of the Pot Luck show tonight with Glasses Malone. And trying to pack for LA, San Diego, and Las Vegas. Gonna get it in with family and friends and all the Dj’s who well be in Vegas next week. Shout out to Friday’s at The Ultimate Sports Bar that I’m gonna miss for a few weeks. And Dj Artistic in San Diego who I’ll be rocking with Thursday night in San Diego at U31. Gonna be a good time!!!!! For more information about me DJ Chill Will got to or

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What’s New with Legendary Dionne Warwick? Celebrating 50 Years in Entertainment, Dionne Warwick Day & More!!

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Legendary Music Icon DIONNE WARWICK Celebrates

50 Years in Entertainment

Dionne Warwick

New York, NY – September 2011 –

Ms. Dionne Warwick has been and continues to be a pioneer in the fight against HIV/AIDS.  Ms. Warwick’s tireless efforts date back to the early 80’s, as one of the first African-American celebrities to align her with the fight against this epidemic, bringing attention to the plight, not only domestically, but internationally as well.

Through her philanthropic work, Ms. Warwick has brought awareness, education and compassion to communities across the country.  This year, the lady herself celebrates 50 outstanding years in the entertainment industry.

What’s new with legendary superstar

Dionne Warwick?

As the award-winning international entertainment icon and activist celebrates her 50th year in show business, she is busy with activities that benefit a cause close to her heart, that of the fight against HIV & AIDS. Here’s a rundown of what Dionne Warwick will be doing: Read more…

Rob Murat – Know…

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Serge Severe ft. Luck-One – Know The Truth

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Vegas Hosting Beauty Supply Entrepreneurship Conference

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— Beauty Supply Institute hosts the new Beauty Supply Entrepreneurship Winter Conference. —

Las Vegas, NV( — Beauty Supply Institute brings their 3rd Annual Beauty Supply Entrepreneurship Conference to Las Vegas, Nevada. The conference consists of 6 specific classes to be administered during the one-day conference. Conference attendees will be given take-home materials that covers store layout, obtaining funding, selecting a location and more. Topics to be covered in the classes include Avoiding Industry Pitfalls, Increasing Store Revenues, Determining Start-Up Costs, Getting Distributor Accounts and more. Read more…

Obama’s Actions Purport Issues of American Jewish Lobby More Important Than Those of African American

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By Torrance Stephens

One of the most prescient events of the Obama administration just occurred recently. It was not his vitriolic debt ceiling debate with the Tea Party leaning congress nor was it his recent jobs proposal and his impending standoff with the same house body. It was the loss of the New York 9th district congressional seat vacated by Anthon Weiner. Many consider this a referendum for the democrats and more importantly the Obama’s administration policy and views on Israel.

Obama is losing support among Jewish voters due to perception of his insufficient support of Israel. Namely his pressure on Israel to halt further development of its West Bank settlements, something that Zionist and Jewish extremist are vehemently opposed to. They specifically reject the idea that the United States should ever pressure Israel over anything. Just because Obama did so was more than enough to confirm their belief he’s anti-Israel. It all started when Obama called for a re-instatement of the 1967 borders and support for a future Palestinian state. Read more…

Go the Right Way!! – Daily Word September 21, 2011

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Go The Right Way!! – Daily Word September 21, 2011


I Am Troy Davis And You Are, Too: Pondering The Death Penalty, Reasonable Doubt & Black Men

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By Deneen Millner

 Post image for I Am Troy Davis And You Are, Too: Pondering The Death Penalty, Reasonable Doubt & Black Men

Troy Anthony Davis could be my father.

My husband.

My brother.

My son.

My nephew.

My friend.

One of us.

And I am sorely reminded of this as the hours, the minutes, the seconds tick closer to 7 p.m., when Davis, found guilty in the murder of an off-duty Savannah, GA, police officer 22 years ago, will have his veins injected with a lethal cocktail of execution drugs as punishment for the death of Officer Mark MacPhail, despite evidence that strongly suggests Davis may not have killed him. Read more…

Wise Vega – Mindstate 88 Hosted By: DJ NoPhrillz (Mixtape)

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Wise Vega – Mindstate 88 Hosted By: DJ NoPhrillz (Mixtape)

Wise Vega – Mindstate 88 Hosted By: DJ NoPhrillz (Mixtape) Read more…

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