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[The Tens] 10 Other Things That Papoose Is King Of (None Of Them Are New York)


Everyone who has ever heard Papoose rhyme know that there has always been a ton of potential there. However, after signing a huge $1.5 million deal with Jive and having his album on tap for release, Pap became the most overhyped rapper to never drop an album. That was 2006, it’s 2011 and Papoose still hasn’t dropped an album but something incited Shamele Mackie to hop on Twitter and flood timelines with zany proclamations that he has all of a sudden become the King of New York. We all are well aware that Papoose can rap his face off, but the King of New York self declaration and the subsequent tweets that followed had us all scratching our heads. So why not create a list of ten things that Papoose may really be king of outside of New York?

1) King Of Late Night Shenanigans

On September 25th, Papoose was an ordinary rapper with exceptional talent. On September 26th he became the King of NY? What happened in between those hours to make Pap begin this tirade is beyond us. It led to nothing but hilarity.

2) King Of David Copperfield Rap

This gif is basically Papoose pulling off a magic trick of getting Jive to cough up $1.5 million and then he runs while the label gets crushed for an epically bad idea.

3) King Of The Rapping Geico Lizards

He could have made a ton of money rapping about car insurance.

4) King Of The Ray J Delusions

Amongst Papoose’s head scratching tweets was “I wouldn’t rather be king of no other city in the world I wanna thank ny 4 crowning me #mostlyricalalive.” Somewhere, Ray J is sitting next to Pap still trying to figure out how many Rolls Royces he has outside.

5) King Of Gino Green Global

Remember when that brand was hot? So does Papoose. Both of them haven’t been hot since.

6) King Of Wifing Incarcerated Female Rappers

Name another rapper who married a female rapper who was incarcerated? We’ll wait.

7) King Of  TI Syndrome


It worked for Clifford Harris. We’re not sure it’s going to work for you. By the way, there are quite a few New York rappers who may have a say about that.

8) King Of “The Only Rapper I Listen To Is Myself”

Once upon a time there was a guy named Tupac Shakur….

9) King Of Punching A Fat Man In The Face

Does anybody else remember Papoose serving Fat Joe with the Victor Ortiz dish?

10) King Of The Expressionless Stare

Papoose’s expression never changes, ever. If he has cracked a smile, and you just so happened to see it, you’re probably not living right now.

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