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Wale ft. Kid Cudi – Focused

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D.M.P. “Angry Birds”

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1 Vallejo

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{Let’s Talk About Sex} Tweens, Sex & the Essence Article That Scared the Crap Out Of Me

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Post image for {Let’s Talk About Sex} Tweens, Sex & the Essence Article That Scared the Crap Out Of MeBy Denene Millner
A few weeks ago, I dropped my Mari off for her first day of middle school and watched her trot up the long walkway to the junior high building, and then I promptly pulled my car around the corner and cried like a baby with a nasty head cold. An ugly, snotty cry.

I mean, I recognize that our job is to keep our babies from killing their fool selves as they march toward being grown up human beings and that we have to learn to let go a little, but on that day, as she pecked my cheek and bounced away from my car, it was very, very clear to me that, well, I ain’t ready for all that.

But in my quiet moments, when I really consider the kind of mother I am and especially the kind of mom I want to be to my babies, I recognize that I have to get ready. Especially for my Mari, who, at age 12, is hurtling head first into puberty and teenhood and all the stuff that comes with the two.

It’s the “stuff” that scares me—the stuff being the boys and the peer pressure and the self-consciousness and the sneaking and the rebellion and the false sense of maturity. I was a teenager once. I remember the mean girls. The cute boys and their sweet talk. The friends with the basements and the liquor cabinets and parents who turned a blind eye. How we all slathered on our war paint—our mom’s mascara and lipstick—and ran toward the fire, books and grades and what we learned at church on Sunday morning be damned. Read more…

Game Tours in Support of #1 R.E.D Album!

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Game will be hitting cities nationwide this fall on tour in support of his R.E.D. Album, which debuted #1 on Billboard’s Top 200 album chart the week of its release.

The R.E.D. album, said to dually stand for Game’s “REDedication” to rap and family, showcases production from Dr. Dre and DJ Premier and features from established south region stunners Big Boi, Young Jeezy and Rick Ross and west coast collaborations with Snoop Dogg, E-40 and scorching newcomers Kendrick Lamar and Odd Future’s Tyler the Creator.

The R.E.D. Album is Game’s fourth album to debut #1 on Hip-Hop/Rap album chart and his third on the Top 200 chart.  Game’s platinum selling debut, The Documentary, was released on Aftermath/G-Unit/Interscope Records in 2005 and produced a two-time Grammy nominated single, “Hate It or Love It,” which reached #1 on the Hot R&B/Hip Hop songs chart. Game’s second album and #1 debut, Doctor’s Advocate, also sold upwards of 1 million records and his third album, “LAX,”  missed the #1 spot by just 1000 copies, debuting at #2 on the Top 200. Known as much for his street bangers and Pop pleasers as he is for his deeply interpersonal reflection albums Game continues to demonstrate his flourishing versatility. Read more…


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Drake feat. Nicki Minaj- Make Me Proud

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Yo Gotti Talks New Album, Zed Zilla, Wack Rappers & The Independent Hustle

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Dr. Boyce: Teacher Arrested for Arranging for Teen to be Beaten

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by Dr. Boyce Watkins, Your Black World

A football coach in Chicago has been arrested for arranging the beating of a student.  Cassius Chambers of Fenger High School has turned himself in to police and been charged with simple assault.  The charges were brought forth after Chambers allegedly helped over 20 football players come to the home of 16-year old Darion Jones, where they proceeded to beat him mercilessly right in front of his mother.

Jones had been accused of stealing Nike flip flops, and another assistant coach for the team watched  it all go down without doing anything to intervene.   In the fight, Jones’ prosthetic eye was damaged and his tooth was knocked out.  Fenger High School is also notorious for the beating death of 16-year old Derrion Albert in 2009.

When I read about this beating, my stomach turned.  I’m not sure if Darion stole the flip flops or not, but the idea that this kind of vigilante justice was endorsed by members of the coaching staff is beyond shameful.  The incident speaks to the fact that Fenger, as well as other schools around the country, are unable to provide adequate protection for young black children who are regular targets of this form of bullying.
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