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The 5Ws: Fiona Bloom

Image Hosted by ImageShack.usWho:   Fiona Bloom

What:   The Bloom Effect

Why:  Wanted to fill a much needed void in Artist Development since there isn’t any— My agency offers several services. Like to call it a One Stop Shop.
Specialty and focus is Unsigned and Independent Artists as they’re the ones who really need the nurturing/guidance.
We provide PR both online and traditional
*Show Production/Bookings/Touring consultation
*Social Media Training
*International Consulting

We help you BLOOM….

Where:  Brooklyn, NY

When:  Established Oct 15th, 2007

Title:  Social Entrepreneur/Publicist
Contact number:  646-764-0004
Mailing address:  New York, NY
Email:  fiona@thebloomeffect.com
Image Hosted by ImageShack.usWebsite:  http://www.thebloomeffect.com
Blog: http://www.thebloomeffect.com/blog
Youtube channel: EFFICACY http://www.youtube.com/fionab12
Twitter  @fionabloom

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