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Too many Sunday Only Preachers

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By Torrance Stephens

As I observe the police crackdown of the Occupy movements from Atlanta to New York and from Oakland to Chicago, I am troubled. Namely for two reasons the first being how inept many of us African Americans are in supporting and understanding the axiological meaning of the protest and second, how fickle, taciturn and downright ill-informed we are as African Americans and a nation as a whole. This is made even more obvious as I listen to talk show host that seem to consistently abrogate logic for the sole purpose of manifesting partisan political support. Unfortunate also is the fact that many who lead these charges offer their myopic positions on the premise of objectivity yet fail to encourage the type of fully involved intellectual discussions that were the foundations of both the platforms of Martin Luther King, Jr. and Malcolm X.

To the first point, I am amazed. It seems as if we as a culture, albeit not monolithic, purport ourselves in a monolithic disposition. Taking the support for our current President alone and his political party, it has been estimated that regardless of affect or effect, African Americans support both at an astonishing 95 percent clip. More astonishing is that the section of our community that used to engage in the politics of what was best for the people as opposed what was best for political accomplishment is no longer in existence. Instead they have returned back to the day prior to Dr. King and are more akin to the black ministers who engaged him to stop his protest and accept the status quo as opposed to stand on the side of right, liberty and justice.
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Boot Camp Clique Chronicles – Timberland 12584 Cadion Hiker

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Ceditorial: Gold Diggers

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(Taken from the archives of
Today’s Ceditorial is on Gold digging, an art form perfected by many women, specifically in the entertainment and sports industry, and even in the corporate world. Why? That’s my question to the women (for lack of a better word!) who engage in this lifestyle. I mean, besides the obvious answers like security, being taken care of, not having to work, what else is there?

I had a conversation with a young lady yesterday and she greatly disappointed me when she mentioned she’s looking for a doctor or lawyer to take care of her, then explained that she was tired of going to school and having bad luck with men.

Mind you, she made the choices of the men she had relationships with. Most disappointing was the fact that she wanted to stay home and take care of the kids while he worked. That’s understandable, but why are you educating yourself so that someone can take care of you? You’ve just wasted all that time and money making yourself more marketable in the workforce instead of just linking up with a jock when you were in high school. If that was your plan, why waste time? Get ‘em while they are young and corruptible! Read more…

The 5Ws: Charles Massey

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Image Hosted by ImageShack.usWho:  Charles Massey

What: CMass Enterprise

Why:   Chief Publicist for Dipstick Magazine; Artist Management for R&B singer Hassan Farrow and Reggae singer Nabrigs; 5Linx Global Expansion Leader; Promoter; Freelance writer; Works with various Charitable organizations

Where: Global

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Should I Really Use Grease on My Natural Hair?

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Hair Liberty’s Nicole Hollis, our Resident Curl Chemist, is answering your most urgent hair questions. Got one for her? Email me at using “Hair Liberty” in the subject line and she may answer your question right here on the blog.

Q: Should I really use grease on my hair?

A: Grease is usually a combination of petroleum (cleaned up sludge from the earth) and mineral oil (even cleaner, liquefied sludge from the earth). Petroleum-based products come from the same Earth that we pollute everyday with factory run off, pharmaceuticals, household chemicals, etc. Questions about the safety of mineral oil and petroleum in cosmetic products come from concern that they may not be clean enough after coming from such a dirty place. The petroleum and mineral oil used in medicinal creams (Neosporin, for example) gets cleaned much more thoroughly than the stuff used in hair products.
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Ne-Yo ft. Trey Songz & T-Pain- “The Way You Move”

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Coast 2 Coast Instrumentals Vol. 30 – Hosted By !llmind

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