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It Needs To Be CED- Responsible Media (Reposted from the archives of TheIndustrycosign.com- August 24, 2004)

It Needs To Be CED- Responsible Media (Reposted from August 24, 2004)

Now regardless of what I say, certain people are going to take this the wrong way. But at this juncture of the game, I could care less. I’d like to think that I am a responsible person. And with being a responsible person, it is my duty to make sure that people around me are responsible as well. With that being CED, I am a responsible writer/journalist/media person, whatever you want to call me. So with that responsibility, I have to say what’s on my mind when something is bothering me, especially when it affects my community and specifically our children!

As black people or minorities or as people of color, we are always judged by false or negative images that are perpetuated by one or even a small percentage of ‘our people’. We know that we are viewed negatively in the media and as much as we complain, we don’t do what’s necessary to showcase the positives, which is at a higher percentage of our race, culture and community. With this being stated why is it that the Black media joins in? It is common knowledge among the minorities that the majority of us are law-abiding, good-natured citizens, but yet, because of a small number of ignorant people amongst us, we are seen as ignorant as well. What makes this problem worse is the influence it has on children.

I don’t and won’t knock the hustles of certain mainstream magazines that are after the money, exposure, circulation numbers, whatever. But when will ‘we’ take the initiative to showcase more positive images of our own people. It’s quite obvious the ‘white’ magazines have no reason to do so if we aren’t doing it. And believe me I am using that word, ‘we’, very loosely.
To be more specific, the record companies are rewarding the negativity as well. Yes, this is the part where I become more specific. Granted some of these artists are talented, I give them that. But I know other unsigned artists who are just as and more talented, the only problem is that they actually live a clean life! They haven’t shot anyone or been shot by anyone. They haven’t been in jail or been arrested, yet, they toil with the talent and determination yet will probably never get a deal. What a shame!

Def Jam rewards a convicted criminal with a multi-million dollar contract. Vibe and XXL gives the same artist the cover of their respective magazines. Fine and dandy that is a story, but let’s face it, HE FIRED A WEAPON AND ENDANGERED LIVES BY DOING SO IN A PUBLIC VENUE! Now, I may not have read it, but the story wasn’t about him owning up to his misfortune. The story focuses on how he feels about the justice system (which should be obvious) and how he was wronged by his co-defendant (haven’t we heard that story many times before?) and his rich recording deal. That’s fine too. But where is the remorse for the action? There are many wrongly convicted men and women in the system that will NEVER be the subject of a magazine. They will serve unnecessary time and yet, where are their stories? But, you know what, who am I?

My disappointment doesn’t lie in the rewards of this artist. My disappointment lies in the fact that there are many children who look up to him and other artists who have been to jail, sold drugs, abused women, robbed innocent people and are looked upon as ‘role models’. You have young children who see the financial rewards of these artists and figure they will take the same or similar route in order to achieve success and/or fame!

And yet this takes me back to what I was originally trying to write. When will black media get out of the pattern of showcasing the ignorance of our people? That’s what the white media is for. I must state this again! This is NOT a personal attack on my fellow media people, you have a job to do. But my job may be more complex and I think it matters more. Let the general public know that we are all not ignorant, we are smart, we are achievers, we are diverse, we CAN and SHOULD look at ourselves and realize what’s wrong and not try to sweep it under the rug! I don’t fear pissing other publications off, they have never given me work, so why would I feel threatened? To me, it’s all the same! I rather have a couple of people pissed off at me and have the rest of the people behind me!

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