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Herman Cain Is No Booker T.


Booker T Washinton

by Yvette Carnell

Sad thing is, Cain was never able. He has always been a strawman, and just as we always knew it, so did black conservatives. Yet and still, they mothered the distortive myth that Cain was a competent fellow who only drew ire from black Democrats because all black Democrats are “brainwashed”.

Conservative Ron Miller jumped on the “black Democrats are brainwashed” bandwagon when he tossed out the idea of giving a history quiz to every black child in America, the point of which, I guess, would be to reveal how black youngsters are brainwashed into adopting a liberal perspective. I’m all for youngsters of all colors sinking their teeth into history books as opposed to, say, Call of Duty or Skyrim, but you know what I fetishize even more? Political candidates who read.  I’ll allow Miller to administer his quiz if I can craft a current affairs quiz of my own and administer it to Herman Cain.

What Miller doesn’t quite get is that there is a strong contingency of the African American community that does lean conservative. These folks are what I like to call Booker T. Washington and Bill Cosby blacks. They believe that we can gain a degree of upward mobility by grinding it out; working and studying twice as hard as white people

Unfortunately for Miller, and for the Republican Party, these folks don’t share Herman “I don’t be readin’ Massah” Cain’s slackjawed approach toward intellectual pursuits. In fact, they’re embarrassed by the lack of seriousness currently on display over at Cain headquarters.  And I imagine that they were similarly turned off by the scandals that plagued Michael Steele during his embattled tenure at the Republican National Committee (RNC).

You see, mediocrity is not an element of the black conservative tradition and that has nothing at all to do with liberal meddling or brainwashing.  If Miller and others are desirous of seeing an uptick in the number of black Republicans, they should clean house and replace their shuckers and jivers with thinkers and builders. What was it Cain said while being interviewed about inequalities, “blame yourself”? Yeah. Do that.

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