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Competition Celebrates All-Natural Hair


— $1,000 in cash, an Adrian Alicea photo shoot, an Iman Cosmetics makeover, Going Natural Hair Care products, endorsements and more —

Tiana Tamara Townsel – ANNM 2008

Nationwide(BlackNews.com) — Out of hundreds of beauties, only ten will compete for an Adrian Alicea photo shoot, an Iman Cosmetics Makeover, $1000 in cash, free Going Natural Hair Care products, endorsements and a whole lot more. All this takes place online in one of the fastest growing social communities today, Going-Natural.com, with over 25,000 members. The annual pageant, also known as Miss Nappturality, can best be described as America’s Next Top Model meets American Idol on the web.

The competition offers aspiring models a chance to expose their beauty while taking their natural talents to the next level. An advanced I-community will decide which one of the beauties deserves their vote and who they will promote via their social media network “like-buttons.”

Companies interested in benefiting from this type of social network promotion can apply for sponsorship. In their pursuit of endorsements the competing models are eager to feature sponsored items.

America’s Next Natural Model aims to promote the beauty of natural hair but also to add an additional dimension of diversity to the world of beauty.

The growing enticing price list is not just to attract aspiring natural models. The purpose is also to inspire Black beauties to take off their wigs and weaves and dare them to shoot natural, says organizer Liong-A-Kong. The author of Going Natural How to Fall in Love with Nappy Hair continues, “The world is missing out on the beauty and uniqueness that African hair naturally offers and I am eager and exited that this pageant exposes some of the unknown possibilities.”

Miss Nappturality‘s 4th season starts in January of 2012 and lasts eight weeks. The deadline for models to apply is Dec. 18, 2011. Companies interested in sponsoring can call 718-395-2537. For more info, visit www.Going-Natural.com.

Going-Natural Inc. is a social business that promotes the beauty of natural African hair. With the pageant named “America’s Next Natural Model”, an exhibition called “Bad Hair at its Best” and a growing social community (www.GoingNatural.com), the company strives to change the perception of black natural hair. The ultimate goal is to improve the health of black women’s hair and scalp.

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