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Web Site Showcases Ancient African Fine Art


Nationwide(BlackNews.com) — New website, MyAmazinRoots.com, features fine art images of ancient Africa. The images debunk the stereotypical and racist views of Africa as a dark continent by showcasing Africa’s Ancient History through fine art.

The various paintings, drawing and illustrations have all been meticulously restored and enhanced over the past few years. Much of it has never been seen by most present day Africans and African Americans – yet Africa’s fine art and depictions of Africans in fine art has occupied space in some of the world’s most prominent museums abroad for centuries.

The owners of the web site describe their work as the result of the collaborative efforts of research and graphic art, but stress that it was born out of a prayer – A prayer for our children, a fervent prayer for all the ills that plague far too many of them. From the toxic effects of drug and gun infested communities, to the crumbling schools of low expectations to lead poisoning, the unprecedented phenomenon of black on black crime and homicide, and the prison industrial complex. Their looming concerns that the gains of the civil rights movement were being derailed with many of our youths lost and dying, with seemingly no public outrage and indignation.

That prayer they contend, was answered with the call to “show my people who and whose they are – who they were created to be since the beginning of time – wonderfully and marvelously made, in my (God’s) image and that I LOVE them.” And that’s the genesis of MyAmazinRoots.com

The web site’s objective is to vividly portray to Africans and the world, the truth of who they are – from the progenitor of humanity itself as the world’s true Adam and Eve to the progenitor of the world’s advanced civilizations. And it accomplishes that with vivid fine art depictions of Ancient African Kingdoms, Empires and Civilizations. It is often said that a picture is worth a thousand words. However, they also have a featured video and an accompanying fine art book.

A portion of all sales will benefit HBCUs.

For more details, visit www.myamazinroots.com


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