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Behind The Boards: 3 of Atlanta’s Hottest Producers

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 The Sundance Institute selected The Life and Freaky Times of Uncle Luke, a short film starring Miami-based rapper and politician Luther Campbell (Uncle Luke of 2 Live Crew) and produced by Miami’s Borscht Corp. (the organization behind the Borscht Film Festival) in collaboration with Miami production company Rakontur for the 2012 Sundance Film Festival’s Short Film Program.

The Sundance Institute selected only 64 shorts for its Short Film Programs from a record 7,675 world-wide submissions.

Luke proclaims, “It’s an honor to have a highly respected organization such as the Sundance Film Institute recognize me and my life as an important part of American culture by adding “The Life and Freaky Times of Uncle Luke” to their 2012 line up.”

Borscht Corp. commissioned Freaky Times as part of its 2011 program. Miami multi-media artist Jillian Mayer directed, Miami’s Lucas Leyva wrote the screenplay, and Evan Rosenfeld of Rakontur served as executive producer. Freaky Times first screened as a “working cut” at Borscht’s 2011 festival in front of a capacity crowd of over 1,700 in April 2011 at the Adrienne Arsht Center for the Performing Arts in downtown Miami. Read more…

Teddy Pendergrass- “You’re My Latest, My Greatest Inspiration”

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Taye Diggs Says Fatherhood Is A Little Scary—But Easy and Romantic

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Post image for Taye Diggs Says Fatherhood Is A Little Scary—But Easy and RomanticTaye Diggs, actor and author of the adorable new “love the skin you’re in” children’s book Chocolate Me, says the most surprising thing about being a father is the intense love and fear he’s experienced as a dad—but really, being a parent isn’t all that hard.

While promoting his book on Yahoo’s omg!, Taye acknowledges that outside of sleep deprivation, his wife, Broadway star Idina Menzel, had to handle the toughest parts of carrying and caring for a new baby. “What the woman goes through after pregnancy and the breastfeeding, that’s something I’ll never know,” Diggs admits. “But for me, I can’t lie. It hasn’t been that tough.”

Still, even at age 40, Taye says, he didn’t really know himself until he became a dad. “I didn’t know that I was capable of having these new feelings [and] I didn’t know that I was capable of loving that much or experiencing fear on such a major scale. So that’s been the most surprising.” Read more…

Role Models Sought To Mentor Black Boys

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NFL Analyst, James “JB” Brown and Heavy Weight Boxer Eddie Chambers among those who encourage WHAT IT TAKES students to stay engaged in their academic careers during panel discussions.

Philadelphia, PA( — Getting to the top takes hard work and dedication. Trying to pass that commitment down to inner-city kids can be a challenge at times, but the What It Takes Foundation believes it has a social media forum that may get through to them. Read more…

The Case for Allowing Fathers to Opt Out of Paying Child Support

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Up at Black Like Moi, the question being asked is, if a woman can choose to abort a child, can a man choose not to pay child support? Or to put it less bluntly, if having a child is a woman’s choice, is it still a man’s responsibility? I’m sorry ladies, but this issue warrants a good airing out.

For my part, I’ve always believed that the divvying up of reproductive rights, and by that I mean men having none, is the main reason that some men feel no responsibility toward their kids. In their minds, the mother chose – on her own, usually without or against his input – to have the child so she bears the sole responsibility of caring for it. As a friend reminded me, you have to ask yourself; what if a woman was forced to carry a child to term against her will, what kind of mother would she be? Point being, anytime one parent is forced into that role against their will, problems ensue. It’s a breeding ground for resentment.

This question of choice, or lack thereof, is poisoning the well. Women have  the right to control what happens with their bodies, but since what happens inside a woman’s body can lead to a child, isn’t it fair to ask whether a man has the right to control when (or if) he becomes a father? Read more…

Expect Greatness!! – Daily Word December 7, 2011

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 Expect Greatness!! – Daily Word December 7, 2011  


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