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Tyrese, Monica, Fantasia, Slimm on Vivica & More in Sister 2 Sister January Issue

Monica… A Real Basketball Wife
R&B star and real life Basketball Wife Monica shares exclusive family photos with S2S and tells Publisher Jamie Foster Brown about her life with her hubby, L.A. Lakers star guard Shannon Brown: when she knew he was “the one,” how they make their blended family work, what’s up with her girlfriends Keyshia Cole and Brandy, her new CD, why she consults with super-producer Dallas Austin on everything, reality TV and her true thoughts on her gig with The Voice. When asked if she’ll ever go back to having her own reality show, she says, “It depends on how.  Shannon and I definitely don’t want The Monica-Shannon Show.  We’re in the early stages of our marriage; we’re just one year in, so we’re constantly building the foundation.  We don’t want to open up the doors for others to be constantly tearing it down.  Would I do a show about the music, more like Still Standing (BET) was?  Of course.

And on Dallas Austin, she admits, “I don’t do records without consulting with Dallas.  I didn’t get married before I spoke to him…so when I play him songs, and Dallas jumps up and down and he starts moving and dancing, I know that that record is a real Monica record.”
Page 49

Sexy Tyrese…The Tweeting Philosopher
Sexy R&B crooner, Fast and Furious and Transformers star and New York Times best-selling author Tyrese is back with a new album, Open Invitation, on his own label,  and he’s been busy tweeting up a storm of advice. He breaks everything down to S2S’s Jamie Foster Brown, going deep about why he wants to be a mogul, the reason he’s not waiting on Hollywood, his circle-of-five advice from Will Smith and his inspirational and controversial tweets. He says, “I told women one time on Twitter, ‘If you keep on putting on those right-quick outfits, you’re going to keep on ending up with those right-quick men.’”
Page 60

Reality TV Star Deelishis
Flavor of Love reality star Deelishis writes a column for S2S  in this month’s issue.  She tells her personal story of sexual abuse and gives advice to parents on having “the talk” with their kids. She remembers, “In junior high school, my homeroom teacher fondled me.  Afraid that the other students, and possibly my parents, would ostracize me, I kept it to myself.  In my senior year of high school, a young man who I considered a friend (and a secret crush) sexually assaulted me.  The guilt and shame I felt was so heavy it seemed as though I wore it daily on my sleeve.”
Page 83

Slimm…Why He And Vivica A. Fox Didn’t Tie The Knot
Omar “Slimm” White sets the record straight with S2S why he and Kill Bill star Vivica A. Fox called off heir engagement, how things played out on Facebook and the blogs, why he likes older women and how celebrity status doesn’t impress him.  About him and Vivica being on the cover of S2S, Slimm said, “Nah, she didn’t tell me. Honestly, I haven’t spoken to her in about two months…I’m assuming that when she got the word that (the interview) would happen, she probably was banking on us getting back together…But my thing is, I’m not going to marry a person if I’m not happy. That’s why I had to step back. Like, we’re not compatible no more.  It’s just time to move on.” Page 79

Laila Ali’s New Flavor
Boxing star and entrepreneur Laila Ali has added something new to her winner’s belt. With great concern about health and fitness within the African American community, the daughter of Heavyweight World Champion Muhammad Ali and host of ABC’s Everyday Health will launch her new line of affordable salad dressings and natural yet tasty seasonings.  She said, “A lot of times in our community, we’ll spend money on our hair and clothes and nails, but when it comes down to food and fitness and wellness, we don’t want to.  And that’s what’s important.  Who cares what you’re wearing if your health isn’t right?”
Page 38

Diggy Simmons…Working For His First Car
Diggy Simmons
, the 16-year-old rap star and descendant of rap royalty (Rev Run of Run-DMC is his dad and Def Jam founder and music mogul Russell Simmons is his uncle), has been so busy on the road promoting his forthcoming CD and performing on the Scream Tour that he hasn’t had time to even get his driver’s license.  He shared with S2S, “I don’t even have my permit… For my first car, I’m thinking a Range Rover, maybe.  I don’t even know what color I want.  I just like Range Rovers.  I think that’s a good first car, and I’m going to work for it myself.”
Page 10

Fantasia At Her Baby Shower
S2S has exclusive pics of Fantasia, her man Antwaun Cook and celeb guests at Fantasia’s baby shower.
Page 13   See even more photos at S2Smagazine.com/FannysShower

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