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Editorial: Should We Occupy or Decolonize?

December 11, 2011 2 comments

By Davey D

Here’s some thoughts to the debate around the use of term Occupy vs Decolonize that’s been taking place at some of the Occupy sites Most recently here in Oakland.

The term ‘Occupy‘ is a loaded word that has long been problematic in many communities of color. To put it simply many have long felt they have been the victims of Occupation…. Those of Native background understand that Occupy has led to genocide. During the Civil Rights and Black Power struggles of the past we’ve heard term Occupy as one that rallied people together..This was especially true with the Black Panthers who noted that the police were ‘occupying forces in our community….With all that being said, in the end, one can see why there’s been a push for name change..

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Ryan Mack: A Poor Man’s Plea to Black Corporate America

December 11, 2011 2 comments


by Ryan Mack

If we are real with ourselves, there has to be a time when we confront the disconnect that exists in Black America between those who have become “successful” and those who continue to struggle in impoverished conditions.  If you talk to anyone living in a public housing community, prison, or shelter, I am willing to bet they will tell you it is a rarity to see an individual from Corporate Black America volunteer their time in the facility to give back and impart knowledge. I have done many financial literacy workshops in all venues and the level of surprise I receive when I initially contact them to set up workshops is usually one of shock, disbelief, or the infamous “What’s the catch?”


Why is this so? Why do so many within Corporate Black America seem to turn a blind eye to the struggles that exist within the impoverished African American communities even if they themselves grew up in those very conditions? I have done no official research but certainly have opinions and below are listed a few of my thoughts. I dare not make sweeping generalizations about the entire Black community, but I have to say I have met too many that fit the characteristics listed below: Read more…

Bow Wow “Crunch Time”

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OutKast- Return of The ‘G’

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