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The 5Ws: CJ Washington

Image Hosted by ImageShack.usWho: CJ Washington

What: Evolve Ent. (a subsidiary Business of Evolve Media Group LLC)

Why: Evolve Ent. was established to provide today’s mainstream, die-hard information surfers and unwavering web audience with a daily dose of by-the-minute news blogs, industry exclusives, gaming updates and lifestyle provided by a uniquely assembled team of accredited writers and bloggers. Along with exclusive features on the newest tech releases, your favorite celebrities, gadgets and video gaming consoles, Evolve looks to revolutionize the way Internet browsers obtain their news. Technology, Gaming and Entertainment has never been perfected to this extent. Essentially, we are your unlimited source of vital entertainment information.

Where: Based in New York

When: Established July 2009

Title: Founder/Content Director
Email: CJ@evolveent.com
Website: www.evolveent.com

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