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Should You Follow Your Passion or a Paycheck?

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By Kemberley Washington

Kemberly WashingtonWe know money makes the world go round, but passion is what moves our spirit. Without passion and purpose, we are just moving to the beat of others’ dreams. Of course, we can work a high paying job, 50 to 60 hours a week and do what we are asked, but are we really fulfilling the call that is on our lives?

Each and everyday, many people reach a crossroad where they must decide between pursuing a paycheck or following their dreams. Trust me I know. When I left my post with the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) as a criminal investigator and was presented with an opportunity to follow my dreams as a professor at a small university, there were many thoughts going through my head.

I thought to myself, was I crazy? Isn’t this a good job? Hey – I got to carry a gun, was paid good money, and guaranteed to retire in 20 years! But my passion to educate burned so silently inside of me; and because of that passion, I just could not say “no”. Six years later, I never once regretted my decision.

And I am not alone, there are so many people who are taking the risk to pursue passion over paychecks. Thomas Dye, a makeup artist, decided to leave his high-paying accounting job to pursue his dreams of becoming an international makeup artist. His passion has afforded him the opportunity to travel to several countries and to paint the beautiful faces of Kim Whitley, Lala Hathaway and Vickie Winans just to name a few. Read more…


Tony! Toni! Tone! – It Never Rains (In Southern California)

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Tyga feat. J. Cole- Let It Show

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Boot Camp Clique Chronicles – Timberland 71256 7-Eye Suede Moc Chukka

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Gas or Electric? Lincoln Answers – “Both”

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Lincoln 2012 MKZ Hybrid

I got a chance to test drive Lincoln’s all new MKZ Hybrid Luxury Vehicle all around New York City. To be honest, I’ve never driven a Lincoln before and I always thought the brand was for, how do I say it, the generation ahead of mine. I will say, the style and perks with the all new MKZ were a pleasant surprise. See my thoughts below.



I was very intrigued by the style of the MKZ. It is slightly aggressive, yet refined. It also has “the car next door” look to it which means it is slightly unassuming. I think the style fits quite nicely because you don’t reek of pretentiousness after you open the car door to step out. One is also pleasantly surprised when he takes a peek inside to find leather seats and a smartly laid out dash.
“Smart Gauge” Read more…

Ski Beatz in a freestyle jam session live on #SwayInTheMorning

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I Was Made To Love Her: A Black Father’s Celebration Of Women’s History Month

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For the SHEs and Hers of my life—past, present and future—I offer this, simply and with love. Happy Women’s History Month.


She steals my breath
But it’s ok for I need only her look to fill my lungs
Her kiss to quicken my heart.
She moves in me
Creates tremors on my skin
Awakens parts in me I only a second ago believed had died.
Although I try to deny it
She rises in me like the sun
And sets heavily in my soul like the moon. Read more…

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