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Score! Women Who Drink Wine and Eat Chocolate Will Live Longer

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Researchers at Harvard’s Brigham and Women’s Hospital have concluded that women who engage in light to moderate drinking at the end of a rough day have a lower risk of stroke. And another study in Sweden found the same result from eating chocolate! From this husband’s perspective, this is what I call a win-win—if I hand my wife a glass of wine and some chocolate, the slow smile that will spread across her face will not only make the entire household a happier place (and I might get lucky later on!), but now I find out it’ll actually make her live longer? These researchers up in Cambridge and in Sweden are my new best friends.

The Cambridge researchers studied data on a total of 83,578 women over the course of 26 years as part of an ongoing federally funded project called the Nurses’ Health Study. The project’s aim is to find out how things like diet, alcohol consumption and other lifestyle factors affect a woman’s long-term health. In a world where there isn’t nearly enough research done on women’s health issues, we should all applaud Harvard and the federal government for spending money to study how lifestyle influences the health of American women. Read more…


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