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Groundation – Humility

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I Am Trayvon Martin…And So Is My Son

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By Eva
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You all know, and I have said before, that I don’t usually cover race on my site. That is intentional. This site is about my writing, my musings as a mother, as a woman, and hilarious, if ill-fated, tales about dating. I keep it light.  But like most of the nation, I have found myself in a bit of turmoil concerning the Trayvon Martin case. I’ve had to write this piece in two attempts because the subject, and my story concerning it, are just so damn heavy on my heart.  That said, I’m writing this piece as a mother raising a black man. Fuck an opinion, this life is my fact.
March 21, 2012. Wednesday.And the news everywhere is blaring the details of the murder of a 17 year old black child named Trayvon Martin in Sanford, FL, by a non-black man named George Zimmerman.  Some say he’s hispanic, some say white, some say hispanic passing as white. It matters not. Trayvon was killed while walking back to his father’s home in a gated community carrying nothing but Skittles and a can of Arizona Iced Tea. Deemed “suspicious” by presence of a hoodie by an overzealous neighborhood watchman, he was shot and killed in cold blood.  You’ve heard the details. You know the story. You also know the outrage it has produced in communities all over. Read more…

NFL Suspends Saints Coach Sean Payton for a Year For Lying and Covering Up Bounty System

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In a swift and surprisingly hard-hitting move, the NFL yesterday suspended New Orleans Saints head coach Sean Payton for a year for lying and covering up the “bounty” system used by his coaches to financially reward players for purposely injuring players on opposing teams. The coach who implemented the bounty, former Saints defensive coordinator Gregg Williams, has been suspended by the league indefinitely, while the Saints general manager Mickey Loomis has been suspended eight games, with a $500,000 fine. Read more…

How Obama and Black Politicians Have Reinvented the Negro

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 By Torrance Stephens
Politicians of African descent in America, in concert with the non-concern of their voting constituency have reinvented the Negro, or better yet made the Negro retro chic. What do I mean by this? Well from an etymological perspective, the word Negro is Spanish for black. The Spanish language comes from Latin, which has its origins in Classical Greek. The word Negro is derived from the Greek root word necro, meaning dead. It was a reference to the state of mind for millions of Africans. Politicians thrive and live on the fact that folk are negro as opposed to self determined individuals with the ability to reason and problem solve, thus ensuring their hold in politics. But what they fail to understand that if they truly want to deal with the economic plight of African Americans, they need to face the fact that economic improvement cannot be accomplished within the context of mass incarceration and the environment of the criminal justice arena that foster incessant Jim Crow-like practices. For the same dynamic that led to Jim Crow after the Civil war and emancipation proclamation has led to the present day mass incarceration of African Americans.
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T.I.- “I Need Dollas”

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