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#WarriorPoet- Your Tunnel-

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By Kel Spencer

Some of you can relate. Some of you will have to imagine. But paint this picture in your mind. It’s the big game. The team is in the locker and they can feel the electricity in the air from the packed house of people waiting to watch. Some players are off on their own down on their knee saying a prayer. Some players are sitting still with their eyes closed with headphones on. Some players are getting their ankles tapes up by the trainers while a few other players are stretching and running in place to get their muscles warmed up. The office door opens and the Head Coach walks out with an evil grin and an intense focused look in his eyes. He calls the team together to take a seat and listen…

At this point, he goes over the game plan that they’ve been working on all week. He then gets them energized and hyped up with a classic war story or with a phrase passed down. The team is fired up, focused, and ready to go! They gear up, do a war cry, and line up in the tunnel to head out to the battefield. It is in that tunnel that the bridge between preparation and action is either upheld or torn down. It is in that tunnel that the decision to either be proactive or reactive. It is in that tunnel that the game plan connects and becomes the blood you bleed and the air you breath… Or it goes in one ear and out of the other leaving you to just go through the motions.

The same applies with our lives. We read self help books, we seek advice, we get inspired by movies, we get pumped up, we leave church revitalized, we hear something that energizes us and at some point in that tunnel we either build on it or it fizzles away.  You are in a tunnel RIGHT NOW. You have an idea in your heart. You have an action that needs to be taken. You have a process that needs to be started and a choice that needs to be made. You are in a tunnel RIGHT NOW. You have the power to go out and do what needs to be d… Nah, you have the power to go out and do MORE than what needs to be done OR you can be just as average as the average everyday average person.


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