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The 5Ws: “Adorable P”

Image Hosted by ImageShack.usWho:  “Adorable P”

What: Sniper Squad DJ’s, LLC

Why:  Sniper Squad DJ’s was created  to primarily create a viable network of DJ’s to address the the needs and resources of the DJ first, ahead of the artists seeking promotion. “The DJ is the architect and the backbone for hip-hop and beyond,” Payton often states. “DJ’s continue to be just as relevant as the artists that seek to promote their music. We are for the DJ’s, with the DJ’s, and provide to the DJ’s first.” With careful attention paid to the concerns and current business trends of several DJ’s, Payton and her team continue to lay groundwork involving several different aspects of the business and cultural needs of the DJ. Sniper Squad DJ’s continue to build a close-knit organization of diverse DJ’s and select industry tastemakers, both nationally and internationally, transcending well beyond the realms of not only hip-hop and otherwise urban music, but also inclusive of all genres of music. Sniper Squad DJ’s can be found on terrestrial, satellite and internet radio, mixtapes, club and mobile events, in addition to artist and tour DJ’s. Expansion will include select industry tastemakers that promote cultural diversity and uphold a strong sense of professionalism and integrity, both personally and professionally. The Sniper Squad DJ’s believe that proper performance speaks for itself, on and off stage

Where: Based in Detroit
When: Established March 10th, 2008

Title: ” Boss Lady” or “1st Lady”
Contact number: 201-918-7048
Mailing Address: Detroit, MI
Email: adorablep@snipersquaddjs.com
Website: http://www.snipersquaddjs.com

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Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

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