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Workout 357 by Legendary Dance/Rap group Oaktowns 357 sets the Fitness Industry on fire with the new Hip Hop Healthy Workout

Image Hosted by ImageShack.usStarting their career as the main dancers for MC Hammer and eventually having a successful solo career as Oaktown’s 3.5.7., Sweet L.D. and Lil’ P are no strangers to fitness. Their high-energy dance routines are part of what made them popular in the early 90’s and it was still keeps them healthy and happy.

Interviewed by Allhiphop.com in March for Women’s History Month, Oaktown’s 3.5.7 stated that they were working on a fitness program and they kept their word. Workout 357 is a high energy dance/fitness program that combines world beats with urban flavor and takes Oaktown’s 3.5.7. fans on a proverbial trip around the world, while helping teens and adults enjoy being fit. The Hip Hop Healthy way.
The ladies, who were already in talks about bringing out an enjoyable, hiphop based, daily workout felt that the passing of legendary rapper “Heavy D”, who once was under the same management as the group, really served as motivation to do so…. Another big motivation for the project was Sweet L.D’s loss of her brother at an early age to Diabetes and the fact that she herself suffers from High Blood Pressure… In conjunction, these things ultimately led to the decision that it was not only important, but also necessary to add a healthy component to the project.

It has been widely complained about that the entertainment industry doesn’t offer a Healthcare Package and judging from the financial loses in the industry from 2010 to 2012; it doesn’t seem like we are about to see any benefits within the near future.  For entertainers constant shows, appearances, parties, drinking and balancing life with work, cause the body to gradually to shut down.  “Healthy life or Die” begins to be the campaign.

The full project “Workout 357” consists of healthy eating tips, a full workout from Warm Up to Cool Down and discussions with Doctors, nutritionists, as well as, testimonies and struggles.  “Our audience will have a chance to learn the workout through our bi weekly blogs on the Oaktowns 357 site.” says Sweet L.D. Oaktowns 357 will also travel to various health and fitness centers for live demos of the Workout and to conduct healthy living workshops at healthcare facilities nationally.

The ladies of Oaktowns 357 have recently sat down with “Sister 2 Sister” Magazine, “HipHop Weekly”, “Allhiphop.com” and other prominent magazines to discuss this upcoming project and to let everyone know that Oaktowns 357 is back. The “Workout 357” trailer is currently online and can be seen at http://tinyurl.com/workout357

The trailer features the new single “Get Up On It” from Oaktowns 357 and “It is the perfect song to get the body in workout mode.” says Lil P of Oaktowns 357.  “We want people to have fun and just enjoy living. Taking your life back one step at a time.”

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