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Sweet Diezel Jenkins Got It!

Image Hosted by ImageShack.usFor the perfect musical cocktail mix together  1 part soul, 2 parts funk, 3 shots of high power energy, shake it all up with some classic hip hop and you have the recipe for Sweet Diezel Jenkins.  As the brain child of Greg Fulton, Sweet Diezel Jenkins is the future of live music.  Greg explains how he came up with the idea “as an homage to some of my favorite hip hop.  I always wanted to do the R&B, soul music thing but I wanted to do it in my own way.”  Thus the creation of his latest project, the self- titled EP that showcases his expertise as a musician, taking familiar tracks and giving them a little twist. 

Greg Fulton is an extremely accomplished musician that started out playing Rock/Metal.  He’s had record deals with both of his previous bands, Cyclone Temple on Relativity Records and Znowhite on Road Runner Records.  A Chicago native, Greg also has years of experience rocking out on stages across the country and jamming at some of the grittiest, juke joints in the south.  Greg’s new band, Sweet Diesel Jenkins, is the latest way he has chosen to express himself.  He brings together all of the music that he loves from some of his favorite artists, Rolling Stones, Destiny’s Child, Montell Jordan, the Notorious B.I.G., etc.  Combining two musical genres is already tricky and in recent decades, some DJ’s mixes are only known for their clever “mash ups” but there are few that can successfully mix up 5 or 6 genres of music and probably only a handful of greats that could do it well.  But along comes Greg Fulton with that Sweet Diezel Jenkins, blowing everything out of the water.

The newly formed band features Bass Player, Andy Neel and Drummer, Courtney Halliburton.   They are making their debut performance at the legendary Chicago venue, The Elbo Room, July 13th.  As a gift to his fans and the world, Greg is giving the EP away from his Facebook page so that people can experience the Sweet Diezel revelry first hand.  An impressive track list including; “This Is How We Do It”, an even funkier version of “No Diggity”, “Miss You,” mixed in with “Don’t You” and a truly sexy rendition of “Ignition” the EP is “Unbelievable”.    Sweet Deizel Jenkins is now available for performances, bachelorette parties and a really good time.  Visit the website http://www.sweetdiezeljenkins.com/.  For your free copy of the self-titled EP Sweet Diezel Jenkins  www.facebook.com/sweetdiezeljenkins  be their friend on Facebook and follow them on Twitter www.twitter.com/SDiezelJenkins.

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