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Ten Ways Barack Obama and Mitt Romney are more alike than Different

July 19, 2012 1 comment

By Torrance Stephens
Image Hosted by ImageShack.usThere are just a few months left before the November Presidential elections. The choice has been mad for many in the simple terms of Democrat or Republican and Obama versus Romney. However, what is not known to most is that these two individuals actually are more alike than different.  We know about the basics: that the both like Star Trek, attended Harvard Law School and the Television situational comedy Modern Family, but they are just as alike from a policy perspective.  The following are ten examples in which they are more alike than different.

1. The signature legislative accomplishment of Obama which Romney has said he will repeal and replace “ObamaCare” was “RomneyCare,” which was the model for The Affordable Care Act.
2. Both wants to expand federal spending on Medicaid to help each state cover residents who cannot afford health insurance.
3. The big Wall Street Banks who received TARP bailout money that were top Obama donors in 2008 are top Romney donors in 2012. Read more…

Reddy Faymus – Hurt

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Son-Ray “What You Sayin”

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Nas- “Trust”

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One On One Interview With Comedian Derrick Keener In Houston!

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