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When Economic Growth Looks Like a Recession

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By Torrance Stephens

For the past five years I have been writing about the perspective of factors that may drag down the US economy to near ruin, here, here, here, here, and here are just a few. All based on knowledge of the current parameters of the global economy. In simple term, data suggest that like the global system, the US financial system is severely top heavy with debt and our economy is dragging, stagnate and getting worse with each passing day. The sad thing is that the US government seems not to be telling the truth and wants to paint a rosy picture of all is getting better.  But no matter what they are saying and no matter what the Federal Reserve Bank does, it won’t be enough to put Humpty back together again, or be able to avoid another major economic downturn. And even sadder is that these issues persist no matter which political party is in power.
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Kevin Hart Presents – PCBz vs Ne-Yo & his Compound Ent crew

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