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“Hoodwinked” Film to Premiere in Washington, DC


— Producer/director Janks Morton explores how African Americans feel about themselves and their portrayal in society, Thursday, September 6, 2012 at 8:00pm/ET at Washington, DC’s Historic AVALON Theatre. —

— The film is an in-depth exploration of how the over-exaggerated negative depictions and statistics about African Americans has debilitating effects on Black Identity. —

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Washington, DC(BlackNews.com) — iYAGO Entertainment Group is proud to announce the theatrical film premiere of HOODWINKED, Director Janks Morton’s sequel to the 2007 award-winning documentary WHAT BLACK MEN THINK on Thursday, September 6th, 2012 (8p ET), at the historic Avalon Theatre in Washington, DC. The retail release of HOODWINKED and the companion book BLACK PEOPLE DON’T READ will also be made available for purchase at Amazon.com on that same date.

HOODWINKED is a searing examination of the role that myths, stereotypes and misrepresentations have played in the lives of the modern era African American. HOODWINKED is an eye-opening look at the hyper-saturated negative racial statistics that promote the premise of Black Inferiority, and how organizations manipulate data and information for funding, and as money extracting propositions.

HOODWINKED explores how negative imagery in the media, deficit-model activism, and a community disillusioned and ill-informed about its own positive attributes has all led to a dangerous form of negative self and group perception about Black Achievements. The film features commentary and insights from key black leaders, activists and educators such as Dr. Steve Perry (CNN), Dr. Marc Lamont Hill(FOX & BET), Dr. Boyce Watkins, Dr. Jawanza Kunjufu and Dr. Ivory Toldson.

In a time when questions of race and racially motivated constructs constantly permeate the headlines, HOODWINKED explores the issues from the inside, offering a unique glimpse into the mindset of African Americans to reveal a powerful, enlightening, and empathetic portrait of a cultural heritage virtual stripped of its present-day greatness by a systematic and perpetual assault of negative information. HOODWINKED through the most current U.S. Census data and other government agencies sheds a shining light on the positive strides made by African Americans and then suggests we reconsider the many misconceptions so prevalent in the consciousness of all Americans.

HOODWINKED challenges many of the negative myths, assumptions and urban legends that have been too often linked with African American Identity; For example, “Are there more black men in jail or in college?” or “What percent of Black Boys drop out of High School?” Finally, HOODWINKED culminates with a bone chilling segment where an array of college aged African American Students are asked to “Name a positive stereotype about Black People.” The results are simply shocking as student by student struggles to associate a singular positive attribute of group worth to their own community. HOODWINKED gets to the bottom of many of these types of challenges and proposes vital solutions for people longing for answers to complex social issues. A variety of tough topics are explored that affect African Americans and perpetuate the diminishment of their contributions to American Society.

HOODWINKED. Documentary. 87 Minutes. NTSC. Not Rated.


iYAGO Entertainment Group, LLC, is a provider of media and entertainment for African Americans and consumers of Black culture. iYAGO Entertainment Group – JynxDaCat Productions, Pavilion Filmworks, and Give Us Free Productions – are brands that combine to serve a broader and more diverse audience. iYAGO Entertainment Group challenges its audiences to make a difference in their lives and communities with a series of thought-provoking political-social initiatives through, film, books and outreach media campaigns.


The Avalon Theatre, located at 5612 Connecticut Avenue NW, is the oldest surviving movie house in Washington. The main auditorium seats 428 plus spaces for 6 wheelchairs; the Avalon 2 on the second-floor seats 165. The theater is run by the Avalon Theatre Project, Inc., a non-profit organization. The Avalon Theatre Project’s goal has been to create a new Avalon Theatre serving the community in all the old ways and many new ones. The Project is now offering the Washington community a revitalized theater with programming that includes outstanding independent, foreign, and documentary films and the best commercial films and film festivals. The Project has returned the Avalon to life as a vibrant and viable movie house, one that serves the needs and interests of the Greater Washington community


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