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5 Questions With….. Masta Ace

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us1. What are your thoughts about the current state of Hip-Hop (As far as music, artists, content, etc.)?

HipHop is at a crossroads. Commercially viable music has morphed into a combination of R&B and Techno. As dance music Is becoming the new pop music, artists will feel pressure to either go further in that direction or fight against that trend and keep a more traditional sound. Im not sure what today’s commercial artists will decide to do but it will shape the landscape for the next decade.

2. Tell us about how the collaboration, MA_Doom- Son of Yvonne, between you and MF Doom, come about and what should we expect from the album.

It came about when a friend exposed me to the Doom instrumental series “Special Herbs”. I was only familiar with a few of the beats and started growing attached to some of the others. I decided to make a free mixtape using the beats i liked. Fatbeats Records felt it was worthwhile to make it a commercial release and financed that idea. The album is a short walk through my childhood. Its dedicated to the memory of my mother Yvonne who passed away in 2005.  I use this album as a way to say thank you to her and to honor her.

3. Why does it seem like the overseas audience has more of an appreciation for older Hip-Hop artists? We are always hearing about artists constantly performing overseas yet, it’s almost a rarity to see certain artists perform here in the states.

I am starting to see more classic tours in the US lately. It’s usually artists from what many call “The Golden Era” 1987-1995. It seems overseas fans continue to value the contribution that classic artists have made and definitely there is more support of the underground there.

4. Backtrack…. When ‘The Symphony’ was being recorded, did it ever occur to anyone that this would be the beginning of the ‘posse cut’ that has been copied by so many crews afterwards?

It didn’t dawn on anybody, I don’t think, but it was the first of its kind essentially. It became a HipHop standard to have a posse cut on your album.

5. If you could pick the absolute best song that you appeared on that amazes you every time you listen to it, which song would it be and why?

When you say “appeared on”, I assume you mean a song I was featured on that was not my own song. Symphony would be an obvious choice because it spawned my career but I would have to say Crooklyn! I love that song and remember when it was recorded. The verses that we have on the final song was NOT the original verses we recorded. We rewrote our parts after Spike Lee gave us a screening of the movie.Image Hosted by ImageShack.us



Masta Ace At Public Assembly 5.31.12


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