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Legendary DJ Bobcat Launches New International Strategic Marketing Firm to Help New & Unsigned Recording Artists


Legendary DJ and Multi-Platinum Producer Bobcat along with The Foundation Entertainment Agency, LLC has launched a new Strategic Marketing & Promotions Firm and Online Digital Record Pool service entitled; The DigitaL Record PooL, to help New & Unsigned Recording Artists kick start and establish their music careers.

Bobcat is also the Music Executive and Producer that helped establish the unique Hip Hop sound for Def Jam, Priority, Arista & Interscope Records by Writing & Producing Multi-Platinum Classic Hits such as, I Need Love, Mama Said Knock You Out, Puppy Love, Holla At Me, Peep Game, Backyard Boogie, Ain’t Nothin To It, No Vaseline, Steady Mobbin, Final Frontier and a wide range of timeless hits generating over $400 Million in record sales, selling over 40 Million albums worldwide!

DJ Bobcat has worked with Clive Davis, Russell Simmons, Rick Ruben, Lyor Cohen, Steve Rifkin, Uncle Luke, Madonna, Guy Oseary, Freddie Demand, Big Jon Platt, Jermaine Dupri and has Written and Produced Classic Songs for LL Cool J, Ice Cube, 2Pac, Bow Wow, Usher, Jagged Edge, Master P, Nas, Mitsou, Mack 10, WC, Mc Ren, Eazy E, K9 Posse, Sir Mix-A-Lot, Ice T, Breeze, King T, Kam, Comradz, Candyman, Yo Yo, Threat, Mista Grimm, Conscious Daughters, T-Bone, Gospel Gangstaz and many other music veterans.


The DigitaL Record PooL

The DigitaL Record PooL www.DigitaLRecordPooL.net is The #1 Source for New & Unsigned Recording Artists an is a Music Marketing Service and Online Community for Recording Artists that has thousands of DJ’s, VJ’s, MD’s, PD’s, Tastemakers, Music Lovers, Music Producers, Journalists and Bloggers globally.

This new service operates like a traditional Record Pool servicing DJ’s with the latest and best New Music but has the Social Networking Capability coupled with the Strategic Marketing strength and Distribution of a Major Record Label.


Promotional DJ Team

In addition to The DigitaL Record PooL, Bobcat and The Foundation Entertainment Agency has launched an International Promotional DJ Team for the purpose of Promoting New Music, Media, Brands, Goods and Technologies Globally.

DJ Bobcat is Founder/General Manager and visionary of the venture and responsible for overseeing all Promotional Teams and all forms of Marketing including Social Networking, Online Marketing and Street Promotions. Bobcat says “this site and service was created to help New Unsigned Artists and Indi labels around the world get Maximum Exposure.”

Chanel Ervin, MBA is the President of Marketing; she oversees the Business Affairs Department and is responsible for handling all New Accounts.

Music Veteran, Jon Stockton former Head of Promotions for Bad Boy, Def Jam and Interscope has joined Bobcat & The Foundation Marketing Team and is involved in the Strategic Marketing goals of the firm.

The Foundation Promotional DJ Team consists of Go Hard DJ’s from around the Globe that enjoy DJaying and breaking New Music! Never before has there been a DJ Team assembled of this magnitude. The Company has DJ’s from over 40 Countries and 160 Regions working at Top 40, Urban Radio Stations from “New York” to “Japan” and sold-out Nightclubs from “Vegas” all the way to “Dubui!”


DJ Bobcat says, “The sole purpose of this International DJ Team is to put the power of music back in the hands of the Hip Hop Community, which includes the DJ’s and all of the creative Recording Artists, Writers and Producers. The DJ Network allows Recording Artists the liberty and freedom to create and not worry about getting a Record Deal or trying to sound like what’s on the radio. They can be themselves, create what they want and we will play it because REAL DJ’S PLAY AND BREAK RECORDS.” We are giving National and International Recording Artists, the professional guidance and promotions needed to compete with the majors.”



DJ Bobcat and The Foundation has assembled the world’s largest and most effective Promotional DJ Team that includes thousands of Top 40 Radio, Urban Radio, Mix Show, Satellite, Mobile & Club DJ’s such as, DJ Skee (LA Kiss FM), DJ Turbulence (LA Power 106), DJ Pay (Holland Radio), DJ Pesce (Hollywood Clubs), DJ Big Chunk (Hollywood Clubs), DJ Z-Trip (Vegas Clubs), DJ/VJ John Cha (Vegas Clubs), DJ D’Lyte (South Radio & Clubs), DJ Gran Evil (South Radio & Clubs), DJ Chief Rocka (South Mix Tapes), DJ Shorty (International Clubs), DJ Battlecat (International DJ), DJ Clark Kent (New York Clubs), DJ Spinderella (Syndicated Radio), DJ Mister Cee (New York Hot 97), DJ JiJi Sweet (KJLH), DJ Daddy K (Belgium Radio), DJ Pinke (San Diego Clubs), DJ Rip (Core Radio), DJ B Selecta (Canadian Clubs), DJ Princess Cut (ATL Clubs), DJ Krunch One (Florida Clubs), DJ Mix Master Ice (South Clubs), DJ Domination (Asia Clubs), DJ Joey Slick (Japan Radio), DJ Kwite Sane (Canadian Clubs), DJ Snake (Belgium Clubs), DJ Frank Jez (Ireland Radio), DJ Mad Dogg (German Radio & Clubs), DJ Makro Polo (Croatia Clubs), DJ Mesta (Italy Radio & Clubs), DJ Mirrorsoul (UK Clubs), DJ Dre Dae (Vegas Clubs), DJ K Sly (Hollywood Clubs), DJ Honda (Japan Clubs), DJ Spinn (Long Beach Clubs), DJ Twinn (Hollywood Clubs), DJ Count (LA Clubs), DJ Cut Creator (International Clubs), DJ Warrior (West Coast Mix Tapes), DJ Nasty Nes (College Radio), DJ Tony G (LA Clubs), DJ Julio G (West Coast Radio) and countless other respected Male & Female DJ’s from around the Globe.

DJ Bobcat and The Foundation Entertainment Agency has also formed alliances with the many DJ Networks, Coalitions and Record Pools. That includes, Core DJ’s, TJ’s DJ’s, Bum Squad DJ’s, Hittmenn DJ’s, Violator DJ’s, Heavy Hitters, Supermen DJ’s, Dame Squad DJ’s, Street Connect DJ’s, Home Team DJ’s, Fleet DJ’s, Impact Record Pool, Cali Kings, West Coast DJ’s and countless other DJ Networks throughout the world bridging the DJ Gap, creating a United DJ front, all together for 1 common goal, to Promote and Break New Music and make today’s New Artist’s tomorrows Global Superstars!



The primary focus and purpose is to help New Recording Artists become a BRAND by generating Radio & Club Spins that will increase their Fan-Base, Social Network following and generate significant Digital Downloads & Record Sales. This will give New Recording Artists and Managers the ability to do Major Distribution Deals, Merchandising, Endorsement Deals, Touring, Films etc.

The DigitaL Record PooL “We Get Your New Music To The DJ’s!”

For more information regarding this groundbreaking and historical venture contact www.DJBobcat.com  or visit www.DigitaLRecordPooL.net and become a member.

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