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5 Questions With….. Dres

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us1.      Now that you are working a project with former A Tribe Called Quest member, Jarobi, called EvitaN, could you explain how this collaboration came about and what should we expect from the group?

I initially intended on releasing 4 or 5 e.p.’s with various artists..as well a solo project.. all to come out on my label Pool Of Genius … Jarobi had been someone I had wanted to have do a project because my gut told me he had to be dope lyrically.. I’ve known him since before my first album.. and he’s even on it..on the cab skit.. anyway.. he’s been on stage with one of the dopest groups in Hip Hop history for 20 years.. he has to be dope.. that’s how I saw it.. anyway.. after a year..he had to come to NY from Atlanta to further pursue his endeavors as a Chef.. perfect.. he agreed to come to the studio.. i figured the easiest way to ease him into the water would be to do the first song with him.. That song was KEEP KEEPIN ON (see video) .. I was blown away.. everyone who heard it was.. it was suggested we be a group from the rip.. I was like let’s do another song.. came out dope .. long story shorter.. and 26 songs later… we have an album titled Speed Of Life dropping Sept 21st… its banoodles

2.      How has your approach about making music change from when you first started to now?

It’s kinda cool that aside from the way it’s recorded..analog to digital.. my approach really hasn’t changed.. I’m always writing..jotting thoughts.. listening to tracks.. finding inspiration… seeing… hearing… not only a student of hip hop… study life.. listen to what a track tells me… bring all of that to the table… when it’s right.. songs kinda write themselves

3.      Ever since I can remember, there has always been talk of Hip-Hop and what age is deemed too old to still be involved in Hip-Hop. Evidently, you are still doing it but what are your thoughts on that type of talk and do you feel that there is an age when it IS too old to be rapping and if so, what number would you say that is?

It’s unfortunate that Hip Hop is the only art form that will kill its elders as oppose to revere them as every other art form does.. I dare say I’m only getting better.. as many of my peers that embrace moving forward.. It’s not cool that instead of align themselves with something golden.. people and artists will suffer the sonic chaos that someone who is barely a novice..not only in music..but in life has afforded us.. it definitely plays to the advantage to the “powers that be” .. not only in the corporate setting.. but in the further lack of advancement we currently suffer from.  In Jazz..Classical…Rock…Country… one who has done is for years is commonly known as a master.  Selling tickets and music..now and for years to come.. included … probably award winning.. lol.. yea.. it’s unfortunate… but we will change that
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4.      You were involved with one of the best Hip-Hop collectives, Native Tongues, if you could compare any of the recent collectives out there, which one would be the closest to what The Native Tongues were and why?

To be honest I’m seeing little pockets of movement and movements under the radar.. that’s kinda what I’m seeing as close comparisons.. the Tough Junkie/Paten Locke/Willie Evans Jr collective in Jacksonville, Florida is a beautiful look that parallels the Tongues .. I’ve recently been put on to L.U.K.E. here in NYC … lovin that.. kind of a Puerto Rican Native Tongue… they’re gettin busy.. but like I said.. under the radar.. but from what I see.. they’re on their way

5.      If you could give an artist advice on how to sustain a long career in Hip-Hop, what would you tell them?

Well… it’s really not quite that simple.. but in the end.. i think passion and desire.. mixed with purpose and vision… sprinkled with love…soaked in respect… cooked in originality … served hot… yea.. that’ll be good… fix that up… oh.. and make sure you put a ball of luck on the top.. peace … oh.. and Ced… I still hate you
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  1. September 14, 2012 at 3:25 PM

    NICE ARTICLE CED…. interesting perspective from Dres and a lotta truth in it

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