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Article: @KlephDollaz “Rock, Rock On”


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By Chris Moss

When loved ones pass away, it is never an easy thing to comprehend, wrapping your head around life’s one inevitability, one constant, brings little solace. Death is something we all experience in some form of fashion and it is personally inescapable. No one can avoid it and each passing seems to take a little piece of us as a result. However, the wonderful blessing of music reminds us of the person that was and shall always remain etched in our respective memories.

As I write this, I am blessed to be listening to some instrumentals from my colleague and fellow producer- Darrell Durant (a/k/a Kleph Dollaz). Kleph may have left his physical frame, but his spiritual and musical essence is abundant and vibrant. Music production is something that impacts most of us on a daily level –home, car, or work- but few really understand the toil –the blood, sweat, and tears- that goes into this. Kleph’s music exudes the full gamut of emotions and you can feel the dedication to the craft in his beats. Talking with him you were immediately taken with a feeling that this cat encapsulates an appreciation of music from the classics to the current. More so, it was about the commitment to content versus commerce that struck me. Here was a guy that honed his talent from the likes of Lord Finesse and Buckwild and was signed as part of a group (Ill Biskits) to Atlantic Records, but remained humble in his countenance. Confidence, not ego, was evident in all of his music because that was the fabric of his character.

Speaking of creating, Kleph remained rooted in his appreciation of the Creator. Jesus Christ played an integral role in his existence as he crafted a Gospel/Inspirational album entitled Square In A Circle, a project founded in both the Word and hard core, Hip Hop production. The album is special because it has the ability to cross over and attract fans due to the inspiring vocals while simultaneously retaining Hip Hop “purists” with the no nonsense music. This is no easy feat, but Kleph did it effortlessly because his mission was selfless and he was giving back to the One ultimately responsible for his gift.

So with that said, Kleph returns to the place from whence he came, completing his life’s cycle. His legacy, however, lives on and, like respiration, the music breathes out of the speakers filling us with warmth and love. Artists like Joey Gallo, Noah O, Canayda, and Chance Fischer carry on the musical blueprint that Kleph laid down. He was more than music, but it is through the music that you see the man. Good artists bring you into their world, speak with their creations, and allow you to expand your paradigms. God has a purpose for us all and we need to take Kleph’s inspiration to tirelessly quest for our place in the Creator’s plan. This life is more than selfish pursuits; it consists of giving of one’s self and making the lives of those around us better. Thank you, Kleph, for blessing us and making our continued existence that much better.


Safe travels.

Please be sure to check out this Kleph Dollaz compilation featuring music from his Ill Biskits’ days well as songs he produced for Sean Price, Sadat X, Talib Kweli and more.  Click here for the download.


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