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Gloria Fisher Articulates “No Justice No Peace” with Rev. Al Sharpton


Gloria Fisher Articulates “No Justice No Peace”

with Reverend Al Sharpton – National Action Network

HARLEM NY…Listen to Brandon Jackson’s mother, Gloria Fisher as she shares her ambitious fight for justice. Brandon Jackson has been caught up in a web of prosecutorial misconduct, legal incompetence, cover-ups and blithe indifferences. This family has experienced the type of nightmare one would think had transpired in the deep-south in the sixties.Brandon Jackson is a New Jersey native and is currently incarcerated in Jackson, New Jersey. In March of 2012, a jury consisting of 11 whites and one black female unjustly deemed him “guilty” – he is serving a 12-year consecutive sentence. This is a self-defense case that occurred in October 2006, which unfortunately became racial. Brandon was 21 years old and was attacked by a group of white individuals who yelled “kill the nigger” and other racial comments, in which no other person was charged.

He was convicted, without any evidence, of the aggravated assault of two of his attackers, who testified against him at trial. Although the responding officer classified the incident as a racially-motivated attack/bias crime at trial, which took place during the height of the Zimmerman incident, the judge said such comments were not important in Ocean County, New Jersey.

Saturday – September 22, 2012

9:00am EST – 11:00am EST

National Action Network – House of Justice  


106 West 145th Street

Harlem, NY 10039 (212.690.3070)

Live Stream – http://nationalactionnetwork.net/media/nanlive/ 

The Reverend Al Sharpton – Sharp Talk 1190 AM WLIB http://www.wlib.com/ 

In addition to joining National Action Network’s live webcast, we invite you to view Gloria Fisher’s interview with Sandra Bookman on ABC-TV “Here and Now” which aired Sunday – September 16,2012.ABC TV Here and NowABC logo


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