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Apollo Uptown Hall Announces Free Presidential Viewing Party at the Apollo Theater- October 16th


Image Hosted by ImageShack.usThe Apollo Theater will present the second event in its newly launched Apollo Uptown Hall series with a FREE viewing party of the second presidential debate between President Barack Obama and Republican nominee Mitt Romney on Tuesday, October 16th at 7:30pm. Prior to screening the presidential debate, there will be a panel discussion with several respected political analysts, who will discuss issues important to the community, followed by a Q&A with the audience. The panel includes Esther Armah (WBAI-FM), Herb Boyd (The New York Amsterdam News), Michael Brendan Dougherty (The American Conservative), Mark Riley (WWRL 1600 AM), William Tucker [The American Spectator],  and Armstrong Williams (SiriusXM’s The Power). The panel will be moderated by Christina Greer (Fordham University, Political Science Assistant Professor). Those interested can register in advance at apollotheater.org.

Following the panel discussion, Shannon LaNier (Black Enterprise Business Report) will lead the Q&A session, inviting the audience to participate in the dialogue.  Preceding the event, there will be live entertainment from soul jazz violinist/vocalist, Charisa the Violin Diva, as well as music provided by RhythmAndSoulRadio.com’s DJ, The Legendary Chris Washington.

“Since its inception, the Apollo Theater has served as a “town hall” for local community residents as well as people from all across New York City,” said Jonelle Procope, President & CEO of the Apollo Theater. “This has been demonstrated by the huge turnout and response to events such as the Bradley-Gore presidential debate and viewing event(s) during President Obama’s election campaign, and our first Apollo Uptown Hall event, ‘Vote Like Your Life Depends On It.’ The Apollo is also a kind of organic gathering place for people at historic moments in African-American culture, as when thousands of people flocked to the Theater when Michael Jackson and James Brown passed away. Apollo Uptown Hall is a natural extension of the role we have always played, and creates a platform for us to more regularly engage the community in conversations that matter.”

As one of upper Manhattan’s most active performance venues and working theaters, the Apollo preserves and promotes the cultural heritage of Harlem, showcasing a diverse array of performers and performance genres, and presents a series of education and community programs. The Apollo is also deeply committed to enhancing the life of its community, serving as a cultural and economic anchor and providing a forum for meaningful discussion.  The Apollo Uptown Hall series launched in late September 2012 with “Vote Like Your Life Depends On It,” a town hall event in partnership with BET, featuring a panel of esteemed panelists including the Reverend Al Sharpton, political analyst Keli Goff, and author and academic Michael Eric Dyson . The panel focused on issues impacting the presidential election, from Supreme Court nominations and health care to voter suppression tactics and access to education. The series features innovative activities linking performing arts presentations activities and events that respond to critical global issues that have relevance to the Harlem community and that speak to a broader audience.

About the Apollo Theater

The Apollo is a national treasure that has had significant impact on the development of American culture and its popularity around the world. Since introducing the first Amateur Night contests in 1934, the Apollo Theater has played a major role in cultivating artists and in the emergence of innovative musical genres including jazz, swing, bebop, R&B, gospel, blues, soul, and hip-hop. Ella Fitzgerald, Sarah Vaughan, Billie Holiday, Sammy Davis, Jr., James Brown, Michael Jackson, Bill Cosby, Gladys Knight, Luther Vandross, D’Angelo, Lauryn Hill, and countless others began their road to stardom on the Apollo’s stage. The Apollo Theater’s new artistic vision builds on its legacy. New Apollo programming has music as its core, driving large scale and more intimate music, dance and theater presentations. The Apollo will continue to present historically relevant presentations, as well as more forward-looking, contemporary work. Based on its cultural significance and architecture, the Apollo Theater received state and city landmark designation in 1983 and is listed on the National Register of Historic Places. For more information, visit www.apollotheater.org.


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