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Note To My Sisters: True Dimes Travel


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By Eva

I’ve been thinking about this particular piece since I got back from Rome, Georgia Italy, in May.

It dawned on me that there are so many of my sisters out here carrying bags that were made in Italy, rocking shoes that were crafted in France, buying hair culled in India, and sporting diamonds mined in Africa…without ever having left their own country. In some cases, ever having left their state…city…or town.

–> Who told lil’ brown girls that their possessions should travel farther in this life than THEY should? <–

Because I’m writing this to tell you differently.

(And no, it’s not just lil’ brown girls, but I’m talking to YOU right now, because your face is my face among our peers.  I want to see all women expand their horizons, but lemme just talk to my sisters for a minute, okay? Ok.)

Our community is fed nonstop bullshit in the form of television, fashion magazines, music videos, some even from our own…and we run out and buy it: the longest hair, the newest Louboutins (say it correctly with me: Loo-boo-TAHN), the baby Benz and small Speedy from Louis Vuitton (again, say it correctly with me: loo-ee vee-TAWN), if nothing else…

But that’s not where your real riches are. I could give you all kinds of trite and banal “your mind is where your value is” and “those bags and shoes won’t ever pay your rent” speeches…but I won’t. You already know that. You’re a smart woman. I mean, you read me, don’t you?

I will ask you this: in a room where you’re all decked out in possessions, what stories can you trade about what you know first hand, where you’ve been, and what you’ve seen?  Forget what you heard, what do you know?  Put your head in a book and read about it…but sisters…go LIVE it.

If you have to spend, spend on experiences. Save, yes. But LIVE. Travel with girlfriends, travel with your family, travel alone…but TRAVEL! And ladies, don’t wait for the occasion that a man buys you a ticket. That’s not what this is about. See the world on YOUR terms.

And to my fellow single parents, I know it’s hard to fit a trip into all the other things we do. I know the budget isn’t always there, and the time isn’t always available…but if you plan it carefully and in advance, you CAN do it. You deserve to do it. Know who my favourite travel buddy is? My 12 year old son. He’s had a passport from the age of 3.  Swag that brotha OUT. Each one, teach one.

Below are some snaps from places I’ve been this year – the moments that will stay with me forever. I’m grateful for what I took from each adventure and will relive the memories for a lifetime. From cobbling together my basic Italian in Rome (and not confusing it with my basic French too often) to traveling the roads in Jamaica that once led to my great-grandfather’s coffee plantation, 2012 has been a great travel year.

What are you waiting for? Forego your fall shoe budget…and book something…NOW.  More to come from Jamaica travels, but this sunrise was too lovely not to include!

The Pantheon Portico at night

Cieling in the Hall of Maps - The Vatican

Magnificent ceiling in the Hall of Maps – The Vatican

street near the Pantheon

Scooter on a small street near the Pantheon – Italy’s narrow cobblestones + speed = fright!

hotel de la minerve rooftop

Rooftop cocktails at the Hotel De La Minerve – Roma by night!

Sunrise from my hotel balcony in Jamaica

window in Trastevere


  1. Cd
    September 30, 2012 at 1:40 PM

    I would say live within your means. If you spend money you don’t have on Italian purses, diverting that debt to trips will not save you either. Stay home and divert that energy to making a plan to increase your wealth instead.

  2. September 30, 2012 at 2:00 PM

    while I agree that you shouldn’t drive a Mercedes on a Volkswagen budget…I also have to agree with the overall concept of this post…So many women are stalled before they even have a passport or get to the international terminal — because they are buying their travel adventures at a retail outlet rather than visiting the Prada outlet in Italy, etc.

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