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#WarriorPoet: GET YOUR LIFE!

Image Hosted by ImageShack.usBy Kel Spencer
I stopped by a friend’s house over the summer. Beautiful day. The sun was out. No complaints in the world. Well, at least not from me… But there was one person complaining. It was my friend’s daughter. The young girl was a little pissed off at the fact that she’d have to spend this day cleaning her room when she’d rather be outside enjoying the weather. My friend explained to me that they had been telling their daughter for weeks to clean up under the bed, and organize the closet, and pick up the pile of clothes from in the corner and blah blah blah… And as a result of the young girl not listening, she now had to forfeit a day of fun in the sun to clean her room. I asked if it was ok that I speak to the young girl and my friend said it was more than ok. I then introduced and explained the word “Maintenance” to the young girl. I explained to her that if she pays attention to what I have to say, this will be the LAST TIME she’ll ever have to clean her room ever in her life. Of course she gave a reluctant smile in response. I told her that after she cleans up, all she has to do is maintain the room  and it’ll never get dirty. I used the maintenance man at her school as an example. I told her that the reason her school is never dirty, or never has a flood, or never has a leaky roof, or door knobs falling of is because of maintenance. Of course she chimed in with, “Oh! That’s why his office says ‘maintenance room’ on the door!!” “Exactly,” I replied. He maintains the school. You have to do that with your room. So when you come in, hang up the jacket you just had on. That way a pile of clothes never forms. Or take your coins out of your pockets and, right away, put them your piggy bank, that way your dresser does don’t into penny mountain. She laughed, and actually had a better mood as she finished cleaning her room. And of course you are all wondering what in the entire world this “room cleaning” story has to do with you.

It’s about maintenance. I’m gonna fill you in on something that I do. It doesn’t make me perfect. It doesn’t make me better than anyone. But it’s a good way of maintaining my life. I was once told, “You’re either in a storm, on your way to a storm, or leaving a storm,” which I think holds a lot of truth.

When you’re in a storm, prayer stillness, humility and your brightest moments of creativity come about, out of desperation.

When you’ve just left a storm, you’re thankful, wiser, stronger, creating plans for future storms and should be in a place of willing to share and teach to prepare those around you.

When you’re on your way to a storm, you’re focused, optimistic, assertive, and working the plan you created when you left the last storm.

So, what I’ve done is, I’ve broken my life into the following 8 categories:

My Spirit (Relationship with God)

My Soul (My thoughts on life in general)

My Body (My physical upkeep, exercise, eating, ect…)

My Creativity (Am I creating my world or letting the world shape and mold me?)

My Relationships (How well I’m staying in touch with people, praying for people, supporting people, etc…)

My Finances (Duh!)

My Career (How am I advancing?)

My Responsibilities (How wise & mature am I being with the things that MUST be done?)

Next, what I’ve done is programmed a reminder to go off in my phone labelled “Storm Watch” LoL! I remember letting my friend hold my phone once and it vibrated and when they saw “Storm Watch” on the screen, it was hilarious to see their reaction. I then explained to them exactly what I’m sharing with you. When this alert goes off (And I’ve programmed it randomly so I don’t get used to a set time that it always goes off) I then comb through the 8 ares of my life to see where I am in comparison to a storm. Are my finances in a storm? Is my relationship life headed towards a storm? In my soul, where am I exactly? And so on. I then apply what should be done, based on where that area of my life is, in comparison to a storm. This is the way that I try to apply maintenance to my life to avoid having to, one day, clean up one huge ungodly mess. Get it? Good. Now Go Get Your Life lol! Give it a try!

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