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Atlanta’s Newest Female Rap Duo TAYLOR GIRLZ Releases Debut Single ‘BANG BANG’


Atlanta’s Newest Female Rap Duo TAYLOR GIRLZ Releases Debut Single ‘BANG BANG

TAYLOR GIRLZ Rocking The Atlanta Music Scene

For Immediate Release

(Oct. 23, 2013 – Atlanta, GA) The Atlanta music scene is now buzzing with the new female Taylor Girlz with their new single ‘Bang Bang’. The single is currently spinning on turntables of major DJs in Atlanta. With this enormous buzz, the duo has been performing at nightclubs in Atlanta giving a ripples effect on fans in the streets. ‘BANG BANG’ will be featured on their upcoming not yet titled mixtape along with possible features from the Migos and Lil Wayne.

TGZ explain why music comes so natural to them, “Our whole family is in the music business. It is in our blood. From our first introduction to writing to beats, our rhythm and flow became as easy as the air we breathe daily. Watching our father go hard for this dream to become a reality made us want to go even harder for the dream to set in as our God given path. TGZ is about being dedicated, focused and determined. We want to set this tone for our fan worldwide.”

Bold, vibrant and versatile is the combination that is presented by The Taylor Girlz. Born in Alabama, yet raised in the city of Atlanta, the unique characters of these young ladies sets forth a powerful force of talent. The group’s energy sets a tone of excitement, party melodies and a diverse platform of lyrical keen and spirits. The Taylor Girlz ignites the music scene with music that everyone is sure to relate to. For further information the Taylor Girlz visit www.TaylorGirlz.net

Click HERE To Listen To BANG BANG – www.TaylorGirlz.net


Artist Info:

Website: www.TaylorGirlz.net

Twitter: www.Twitter.com/TaylorGirlz

Facebook: www.Facebook.com/TaylorGirlz


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