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The 5Ws: Connie Lodge

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Who: Consuelo “Connie” Lodge

What: Public Relations/ Marketing Student

Why:Connie has managed over a dozen models, worked and directed on music video sets/ photo shoots. She does various types of consultation, branding, product placement and  has published work. Connie specializes in online promotions and there are a various of other things she is capable of perfecting at other things; making her a mutli-talented individual in the entertainment industry.

Connie is currently pursuing her Bachelors Degree in Public Relations/ Marketing at Ashford University and is already actively working in the field of her training. Connie has had the opportunity to work with and/or assist many celebrities whether it was doing hair, makeup, promotions, PR/ Marketing etc. She always makes it a habit to accelerate her customer service skills and further her education with specialty classes and workshops outside of college  to stay up to date with what is going on.

Where: Based California

Title: Market Rep./ Makin It Magazine  TripleHQ/ Interviews & Media Marketing

Contact number: 6196025202



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