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I Came, I Saw, I Expose The Truth: “Elementary Genocide” The Conversation Continues

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Meditation On Jahi McMath, Brain Death, Compassion and a Black Mother’s Love

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by — Jan 10, 2014

Jahi McMath
My God, those cheeks—that sweet, bright smile stretched across that bubbling brown sugar pie of a face. Jahi McMath’s pictures, full of energy and life and delicious girlpie goodness are all-at-once beautiful and heartbreaking—the sad last chapter of her young life, a brutal tale of surgery gone awry and seeming medical indifference, a travesty. I want to hug her. And wrap her mother, Nailah Winkfield, into a warm embrace.

No mother should bury her child.

Not in this way.

Not in a hail of uncertainty and doubt, begging and fighting, court orders and legal briefs and press conferences and clandestine exchanges between emotionless hospital officials and coroners and people who promise miracles, even when miracles totter precariously on the impossible.

I first read the story of Jahi’s horrific medical descent while riding shotgun in the car with Nick, running Christmas errands with our girls, and I couldn’t believe the words splayed across my phone. A 13-year-old girl went into surgery at Children’s Hospital & Research Center Oakland to have her tonsils removed, afraid that she wouldn’t wake up from what doctors told her mother was a routine procedure. She came out of the anesthesia alert and asking for popsicles, and then started bleeding, first lightly, then profusely. According to legal petition filed by her family, nurses met her mother’s queries about Jahi’s condition with blithe concern—gave that baby cups and paper towels and pitchers to keep Jahi’s bleeding from making a mess, but calling doctors only after her grandmother, herself a nurse, got buck and demanded someone come tend to that child. Shortly after, Jahi went into cardiac arrest, the petition continues, and then slipped into a coma. Read more…

DJ Infamous ft. Jeezy, Ludacris, Juicy J, The Game and Hitmaka “Double Cup”

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Tray Chaney – Dedicated Father

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New Mixtape: Sold Out 2 (Hosted by Nick Cannon)

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DJ NOODLES DELIVERS AGAIN, WITH “SOLD OUT 2”, HOSTED BY NICK CANNON DJ Noodles is ready to kick off 2014 in a big way, teaming up with superstar Nick



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