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5 Questions With….. 3D The Boss

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In this fickle environment that we currently have in the music industry, we are always complaining about hearing ‘real’ music, looking for a different sound, getting back to ‘feeling’ music again. Yes, I hear and say the same things. Why do radio stations play the same artists year in and year out? Why is it that we always have to hear ignorance in music?

Listen….  If I had the answers, then I wouldn’t be able to bring focus to a 3 member group (Actually, 3 individual acts who have banded together to form a unit.), 3D The Boss.  Is it true that they really love their art and want to bring awareness with their craft? Can they be compared to anyone currently in the game? And is it true, that, in the near future, that I, will be their biggest fan?

Well, let’s find out…….

1. 3D The Boss sounds like a rapper from the hood, so, of course my first question is, how did you come up with the name, who is involved and what do you do?

David E Beats: Our visionary Day adeogba named us 3D for more the multiple dimensions we represent. 

The-O: We wanted it to be around the idea of 3D because we play a three dimensional world class game in the world of health and fitness called the YourDay Balance Game as well as bring three dimensions to the music game with our deep insightful lyrics, catchy tunes,musicianship and performance. David E Beats  mentioned 3D The Boss in our song Win and it stuck.

Chanda Leigh:  I loved it immediately and was like — that’s it! That’s us! And it’s been us ever since.
2. I walk into a record store (Wait, do they still have those?) or I open up my iTunes in search of something new, something different and I see 3D The Boss as an upcoming artist. Why should I spend my money on this group and how will I come away from hearing the product?
David E Beats: Its not about the money with us. Its about raising your consciousness and exhibiting a character that millions of people can emulate.
Chanda Leigh: Our look alone will get your attention.  When was the last time you saw a group of three that looked like they were really having fun?  You will be uplifted by the music which will grab you right away with great vocals, upbeats music and uplifting, thoughtful lyrics.  You will walk away INSPIRED!
The-O: Every now and then the music game is shifted by a different paradigm and approach to the art form. 3D The Boss brings that refreshing element to the game and supporting this movement gives music lovers around the world an opportunity to experience the next level of  music 
Free Web Proxy3. Thinking on past influential acts, which acts/artists has been the MOST inspirational in your pursuit of this career?
David E Beats: Jay Z is the biggest influence on me because he comes from similar conditions as me and has made it very big in terms of personal and public success.
Chanda Leigh: Man, there are so many.  But most influential are Michael Jackson. Janet Jackson.
The-O: Michael Jackson
4. Let’s look in your crystal ball…. What is 3D The Boss doing 5 years from today? What achievements and accomplishments have been taken care of and what goals are in the near future (Of course, 5 years from now!)?
David E Beats: You will be our biggest fan!
The-O: We are on our second world tour. Three top ten billboard hits,world tour and 20 million singles sold.
Chanda Leigh: We have traveled the world and touched every country with our music. We have more number 1 hits than any other pop artist out. We have won several Grammys. Been on the cover of every major magazine.  Visited all the major talk shows in the US and we are celebrated even more abroad!  A near goal is to perform at LOLLAPALOOZA in 2014!  By 2019, we will absolutely be the group with the theme song for the festival.
5. What is the name of the project you may be working on and are there any plans to tour/do shows and how can we keep up with you?
The-O: We have  finalized our first album titled Lollapalooza.The single with the same title is available on iTunes. https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/lollapalooza!-single/id701135724
Chanda Leigh:  I love listening to the album myself, almost like it’s not me on it. There is definitely a plan to introduce our music to the schools and the population at large.  You can watch us on www.3Dtheboss.com, Facebook and YouTube.
Listen to our debut single Lollapalooza: https://soundcloud.com/iampragency/3dtheboss-lollapalooza

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