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Singer Mya Covers BE Entertained Magazine’s Sexy Spring Fling Issue [+ Video of her learning the Nae Nae]

Mya Covers BE Entertained Magazine’s Sexy Spring Fling Issue
(Atlanta, GA) – There is nothing steamier than the attitude that the spring weather brings. As the weather breaks and heats up, BE Entertained Magazine gets sexier and offers an inside scoop to your favorite celebrities deepest secrets, experiences, and everything in BEtween. BE Magazine kicks off 2014 with a sizzle, as the sultry songstress Mya covers the 2014 Spring Fling Issue.
The “My Love is Like Whoa” singer showcases a new sexier side as she exclusively sits down with BE Magazine. She discuss everything from her past spring experiences and romance, to BEing 20 years strong in the industry, her closet, and much, much more. We also put Mya’s Dancing with the Stars skills to work at our private Cover Shoot. Check out our BEhind-the-Scenes video of Mya learning Atlanta’s latest #NaeNae dance craze. 
Along with Mya’s in-depth cover story, you can also catch Supermodel Icon BEverly Johnson, BEing Mary Jane’s Breley Evans, Bravo TV’s Cyrene Tankard, and an array of other feature stories to keep you very entertained. BE Magazine will have you Spring Fling ready with our fashionable BE Style picks, the sexiest tastes of spring, and amazing #Staycations throughout the US.
Make sure you pick up a copy of BE Entertained Magazine’s Spring Fling Issue, featuring the BEautiful & talented Mya, when it hits newsstands mid-March. BE Magazine’s going through a bit of plastic surgery, but I’m sure you’ll love the new upgraded image.
Article Excerpts:

You have a mantra called K.I.S.S. Can you tell our readers what K.I.S.S means? Keep It Sexy and Simple (K.I.S.S) is basically all about LIFE.  It means getting rid of all the necessary junk in your life and keeping it Sexy and Simple so you can obtain more…
Who are your go-to/must-have designers for the spring? As far as shoes, Giuseppe is one of my favorites. I’ve loved them for years. The style and comfort of his shoes, and they are very consistent and different.  And as far as clothes, I’m in love with Dolce and Gabbana. They always make dresses that fit the body like a glove…
Tell us about your ideal date? Well if I’m all dressed up and dolled up, I expect to go out. I put effort and time into my make-up, hair and outfit so I want to have fun, BE fancy and go out somewhere to eat, not like BE in a club or in a movie…

BEhind-the-Scenes at Cover Shoot: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LNKCZkA19xA
Photo Shoot Credits:
Photographer: Ahmad Barber | Creative Director: Dane Young | Stylist: Carter James | Hair: Tre Baines | MakeUp: Geno Freeman | Shoes: Chloe Rich | Location: Cutting Edge BarBEr & BEauty Institute
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