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5 Questions With….. Raychelle LeBlanc


Fear, panic  and anxiety affects people in various ways. Some aren’t capable of coming back after experiencing any of those, while some bounce back even better after the emotional turmoil. In 2009, Raychelle LeBlanc contributed to an anthology titled “How The Fierce Handle Fear” which detailed her struggles with fear. She won the battle against severe panic attacks and anxiety attacks in the 90s and her strength had been renewed so much that now she became a certified life and wellness coach, helping others along the way.

The PR/Marketing Executive has added author to her resume as she continues to guide those who need to be guided whether through her marketing prowess or if they need life advice that will help put them on the right track. Either way, the Atlanta resident can help you!

1. You’ve been involved in the entertainment industry for a number of years now. What does it take to have longevity in this fickle industry?

The entertainment business is ever changing and so we must also evolve if we are to be a part of it. I think to have longevity, you have to maintain a level of authenticity, you have to continually nurture and develop your relationships, most important, and these things have helped me to stay in the know. I have always treated people the way that I want to be treated. I think that goes a long way in this business, any business. Lots of shade out here. :-)

3. You have written a book, ‘Your Daily Slice Journal- Celebrate Something About Your Life Daily,’ what is the book about and what motivated you to write it?

I was motivated to write this book because journaling has been such an instrumental part of my journey to healing and balance. I wanted to share the platform and allow others to share in the experience. The journal is a daily reminder that we have something to celebrate about our lives daily. It has been an amazing tool!

3. Tell us about your company, Cake Everyday Coaching Circle. What is it about and why is it needed?

Cake Everyday Coaching Circle is a company that promotes the fact that when you are balanced; mind, body and spirit, only then can you access your internal pharmacy. We promote whole body wellness and support our clients in reaching their optimal health. Our services in include; meditation, Reiki, one on one coaching, and journaling workshops.

4. You previously worked in human resources, have your own public relations company, have written a book and was even an executive assistant at one point in time. What is it about your previous positions has prepared you for what you currently do?

Everything that I have done and experienced up to this point has given me the opportunity to learn something about myself. I choose to see a lesson in everything. The common denominator in all of the previous work experiences was the lack of balance. People have thrown their health and well being to the waste side to chase checks and fame. The majority of my coaching clients are entertainment industry professionals and business owners that have come to realize that once the title and the big checks are gone, they are having a hard time defining who THEY really are. Because I was able to experienced this first hand, it allows be to meet my cleints where they are.

5. What else is Raychelle LeBlanc working on and what other accomplishments do you hope to achieve in the coming years?

I am working on my third book and  I have some amazing clients that I am honored to work. I am launching the Every Body Eats 2014 Campaign that will feed children and families in and around the Atlanta area that are living below the poverty line. I am finishing up school for my certification as a Nutritional Therapist Practitioner and am very excited about adding this information to my over all services. In the coming years I look forward to continue being an example of contribution, love and healing.

Author of the NEW, “Your Daily Slice Journal, Celebrate Something About Your Life Daily”
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