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Intermixx Marketing Group Partners With App Company FEVERUP.COM

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Intermixx Marketing Group Partners With App Company FEVERUP.COM

Published Date: March 10th, 2014

Intermixx Marketing Group’s fledgling marketing firm/ PR agency is partnering with app company FEVERUP.COM for a exclusive multi-year partnership, it was announced to the public today (March 10th).

“We are pleased to partner with FEVERUP.COM, with the company’s established strong technology portfolio and our future plans of building a worldly client base community this collaboration will be a new and innovative approach in the application modernization market” said Jeffrey Aguiar, Intermixx Marketing Group’s Chief Executive Officer. “We would like to applaud FEVERUP.COM for collaborating with us to deliver a world class application to the next generation”.

The partnership will allow IMG to enhance the applications social media based community with unique strategies to offer all down-loaders a memorable experience. Also as part of the partnership IMG will be expanding the coverage of the application into fresh new markets and increment revenue opportunities.

“This partnership presents a unique opportunity for all Intermixx Marketing Group followers- being able to now receive exclusive updates, invitations and information with the same reach of any major social outlet directly into your smart phone. I look forward to a long and prosperous collaboration with FEVERUP.COM”.

Stay tune to Intermixx Marketing Group and FEVERUP.COM many collaborations this year, they will be announcing there first project as new partners within the next up and coming weeks.


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