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Real Housewives of Atlanta Star, Kandi Burruss,

Gets Candid with JET


The Reality Star Dishes

on Love, Career, and “Mama Joyce”



CHICAGO, Ill. (March 07, 2013) – Reality star, singer, songwriter, producer and entrepreneur, Kandi Burruss, appears radiant on the cover of JET magazine as she opens up about her career and her very public relationship with her mother, “Mama Joyce,” and fiancé, Todd Tucker.


“When I speak about anything on camera I want to accomplish it before we finish taping,” Burruss tells JET regarding her drive and ambition.  “I am a ‘do what I say’ person.  I want people to know I’m not a [phony].  I hate when people on reality shows mention how they want to do this and that, but you never hear of it again,” she added.


With a successful adult toy line, Bedroom Kandi, her Atlanta-based studio, The Kandi Factory, and her musical, A Mother’s Love, set for DVD release in April, Burruss certainly has proven that she has a keen sense for business.  She admits her relationship with Tucker has helped her sharpen her skills.


“I love that Todd is affectionate and relationship-oriented,” said Burruss.  “But he’s also a leader and a planner, and because of his production background he makes me a better businesswoman.”


Although many know that Burruss’ mother, Joyce Jones, is firmly against the union of her daughter with Tucker, she concedes exclusively to JET that “If they are married and it lasts, I will be the first to apologize.”


“When my mother was younger it was all about getting a man to be a provider,” said Burruss addressing her mother’s qualms.  “She leans toward a man who is financially more well-off than the dude who is just a good guy.”  She added, “I’ve dated guys who are more successful than me, and my mom is like, no matter what he does wrong, you have to work it out.”


In the issue, JET also highlights six Black anchors that are becoming household names.  The anchors include:

  1.      Michaela Pereira – CNN
  2.      Jamal Simmons — ASPiRE
  3.      Richelle Carey – Al Jazeera America
  4.      Harris Faulkner – Fox Report Weekend
  5.      Joy Reid – MSNBC
  6.      Ryan Smith – ABC News/ESPN


Readers can read the articles in its entirety and more in the March 31st issue of JET magazine, on newsstands now.



About JET

JET is the No. 1 African-American news digest and has more than seven million readers. The publication was initially billed as “The Weekly Negro News Magazine,” and is noted for its role in chronicling the early days of the Civil Rights movement.  Today’s coverage includes current events, entertainment news, healthy living tips, and fashion and beauty tips.  JET was one of the first publications to report on the death of Jordan Davis and Kendrick Johnson, and to do a special investigative report on missing Black children.  The magazine has been a staple in homes and businesses of Black Americans since 1951, bringing life to its popular catchphrase: “If it isn’t in JET, it didn’t happen.” JET is the beloved bible of African-Americans and ranks No. 4 in reader engagement.  JET franchises include Beauty of Week, Love, and the Fantastic Fathers Father’s Day contest.  JET is the first look resource for dynamic, credible and entertaining information regarding the African-American community.


If it’s hot, if it’s happening, it’s JET!

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