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#KNUCKLEUP: Journalism Legends Andreas Hale & Chuck Creekmur Introduce KNOCKOUTNATION.COM For The Fighter In You



Urban Journalism Legends Chuck Creekmur & Andreas Hale Debut


Site Provides “Perfect Marriage” of Combat Sports & Entertainment

[NEW YORK, NY] In 2014, anyone looking would be hard pressed to find a sport that hasn’t been touched (in a good way) by the dominant influences of Hip-Hop and Urban Entertainment. The culture is ripe for rebellion, and today’s “Bad Boys of the Ring” lend just the right brawn and bravado to keep things exciting for the fans.

Long before 50 Cent and Floyd Mayweather’s Money Team ever existed, the worlds of boxing, mixed martial arts (MMA), and pro-wrestling intertwined with all things Urban, and until now, there hasn’t been an outlet dedicated to the perfect marriage between fighting and the predominant culture of the streets.


According to website co-founder Andreas Hale, “There are a number of entertainers who have an affinity for combat sports. They are often seen ringside at events or discussing on social media. It only made sense to tie these loose ends together under one umbrella – and that umbrella is Knockout Nation.”

Hale adds that the goal of KNOCKOUTNATION.COM is to educate new combat sports fans while stimulating longtime fans with intelligent and engaging content. As a journalist who has covered boxing, MMA, and pro-wrestling for mainstream outlets including MTV, JET Magazine & Jay Z’s Life+Times, as well as fan outlets (Fight! Magazine, Ultimate MMA & Fight News), he understands the dialogue and debate that takes place between casual and diehard fans.

Website co-founder Chuck Creekmur, who also doubles as CEO of the 15-year-old global news & entertainment mainstay ALLHIPHOP.COM, is keen on giving Hip-Hop sports fans a place to voice their predictions and post-event commentary on fight matches. From his experiences at AllHipHop, he is all too aware of the entertainment value of spotlighting the wild personalities that color sports and music:

“Over at AllHipHop, I often brought my love of boxing and MMA to the readers there, and they definitely appreciated the content. We’ve also covered some of the odd pairings of Hip-Hop and boxing and realized that this was bigger than a corner on a Hip-Hop site. Knockout Nation is a standalone movement that can provide a decidedly more entertaining look at the sport that doesn’t exclude the casual fan,” Creekmur said.

KNOCKOUTNATION.COM readers can look forward to regular site features such as the daily “KO of the Day”, a monthly boxing, MMA and wrestling section titled “Pound for Pound”, and the bi-monthly “Best In The World” feature. The site has plans to include a humorous area called “Women That Should Be Ring Girls,” for the beautiful women who haven’t received so much love in the ring.

Photo courtesy of Billboard

“Boxing, MMA, pro wrestling, and Hip-Hop have common elements that borrow from one another,” notes Hale. “Whether it is showcasing the music that a boxer walks out to, a mixed martial artist turning into a pro wrestler, fighters that rap, rappers that fight or any other combination, Knockout Nation aims to serve as a hub for combat sports, especially the younger demographic.”

“The reality is, if a fight breaks out at a baseball or football game, you better believe that fight – no matter how long – is going to take all the eyes away from the game. That’s why Knockout Nation is relevant. Knockout Nation is going to tackle the best, most engaging, and possibly the worst parts of combat sports, with the self-assurance that the people will come,” Creekmur said. “We’re going for the knockout, too. It’s time for a change!”


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