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Noisey Premiere: MaLLy f/ Slug (of Atmosphere) & Rapper Hooks “Hold My Tongue”

Noisey Premieres New Track from MaLLy f/ Slug (of Atmosphere) & Rapper Hooks “Hold My Tongue”


MaLLy’s New LP ‘The Colors of Black’ Will Be Released On 4-8-2014


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“If The Last Great, the debut album from MaLLy, was meant to be a chest-thumping, boastful, and triumphant effort that finally broke MaLLy to the masses, The Colors of Black is the direct result of what would have been the end result if The Last Great never came into existence. Throughout the duration of The Colors of BlackMaLLy uses it as a vehicle to present the pressures of race, acceptance, and the politics, or lack thereof, in current day Hip-Hop and himself.  It allows MaLLy to utilize his sharp wordplay to paint vivid depictions of what would’ve came to be of Malik Watkins, or what already is.  Last Word’s production provides MaLLy with a dark, ominous, and bleak sound to take MaLLy’s dark imagery and expansive wordplay to new heights, like graffiti on pissed-stained walls of abandoned complexes that once housed hopes, dreams, and aspirations of the past.


The Colors of Black stands as testament to what might not have been had MaLLy not introduced himself to the audience at large, and came for his destiny hand over fist. It may be his strongest and most stark statement to date, as it daunts and details with several themes that exercise disdain of the current status quo in Hip-Hop and the world at large, but MaLLy stands above it all, seeing it from a birds eye view, and making sure the truth, seedy and grimy as it may be, is known to the rest of the populace, regardless of the consequences.”


Today, Noisey.com premiered the first track, “Hold My Tongue,” from Mally’s The Colors of Black and the track features Slug of Atmosphere and Rapper Hooks, with all three trading verses as equals, over guttural guitar strums and synths which ooze on the border of chaos and disorder.


Link to MaLLy f/ Slug of Atmosphere & Rapper Hooks “Hold My Tongue” (produced by Last Word):  https://soundcloud.com/mallympls/hold-my-tongue-feat-slug-of


MaLLy’s The Colors of Black will be released on 4-8-2014 and is now available for pre-order: https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/the-colors-of-black/id835165402 & at Fifth Element: http://fifthelementonline.com/products/mally-the-colors-of-black-album-bundle-option



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