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Ground-Breaking Documentary “Point and Drive” Gives Intimate & Exciting View of the HBCU Marching Band Phenomenon

 Ground-Breaking Documentary “Point and Drive” 

 Gives Intimate & Exciting View of the HBCU Marching Band Phenomenon


Indiegogo Campaign Running Throughout Month of March To Complete Filming

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New York, NY – (March 4, 2014) – Everyone loves a high-spirited marching band, but few know what it takes to land one of the coveted spots on the field, and many will be amazed at where these musicians end up in life once their band uniforms are hung up for good.

Conceptualized, directed and produced by visual architect Brandi Mitchell, a graduate of Florida A&M University and alumna of the school’s trailblazing Marching 100, Point and Drive gives viewers an up close look at the evolution and impact of the country’s top marching bands, and how they equip their members to be driven and pursue excellence in every area of life.  The underlying theme of the documentary, which profiles successful marching band alumni, is “who did you become because of music?”

Mitchell has filmed interviews with over 60 high school and collegiate marching band alumni around the country, from White House Administration to a celebrity chef, to a fire captain, to a Grammy-nominated R&B artist – and this is only the beginning. To get to the end, the final product, an Indiegogo campaign is being launched March 3 as an opportunity to be a part of bringing this inspiring film to the big screen!

“This project is a lifelong love for me,” says Mitchell, who began playing the clarinet in 4th grade, and now has a 12 year old son following in her musical footsteps. “Music and marching bands have been a huge part of my life for as long as I can remember, and they shaped me into a very focused, disciplined and determined person.  As I see marching bands continue to be a huge source of entertainment for so many people, I wanted to chronicle and show the world how those of us who’ve marched on the field got there, and where many of us are now. These are stories that will really motivate everyone who hears them and ignite renewed interest and support of band programs for the next generation of musicians and leaders.”

Described as an ESPN’s 30 for 30 meets Drumline, Point and Drive will take viewers on an exhilarating journey with an impressive ensemble of alumni who recall their experiences being a part of some of the most elite bands in the country, and how these experiences led them to be great leaders in society. And of course dynamic band performances will be interspersed as the alumni relive some of their most memorable moments on the field.

Point and Drive’s Indiegogo Campaign runs through March 31 and you are invited to be a part of history! Find out more about how you can support Point and Drive by going to igg.me/at/pointanddrivemovie  now through March 31. Find out more about the film at http://www.pointanddrivemovie.com .

About Brandi Mitchell

Brandi Mitchell is an visual brand strategist and owner of KORIS Media through which she has released two books: “Look the Part to Get the Role: The Ultimate Visual Branding Guide;” 40 Days to Looking, Branding, and Becoming the Role You Want to Play in Life!”, and “The Blended Family Survival Guide on Getting Married With Children, Yours or Somebody Else’s.” She graduated from Florida A&M University with a degree in Psychology and was part of the school’s legendary Marching 100 for four years.



Point and Drive Sneak Peek


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