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Marlon Wayans Promotes #AHauntedHouse2 @ Howard Univ & SWV Concert in D.C.

Marlon creates his own monumental selfie moment with the communications students at Howard

(NEW YORK) – March 24, 2014 – This past weekend, actor/comedian Marlon Wayans visited Washington, DC to promote his upcoming film A Haunted House 2. On Friday, Marlon spent the day at his alma mater Howard University speaking to students and interviewing with campus media. Marlon spoke about his days at Howard and answered students’ questions about pursuing careers in film and entertainment.

Friday evening, there was a screening of A Haunted House 2 at the Regal Gallery Place followed by a Q&A with Marlon. On Saturday, Marlon surprised fans at a sold out SWV concert at Howard Theatre when he made an appearance to introduce the singing group. The crowd went wild when Marlon walked on stage after a showing of the film’s trailer.

A Haunted House 2 opens nationwide on Friday, April 18.





The first stop on Marlon’s agenda landed him at WHUR 96.3’s Glass House Radio show



Next came an informative Q&A session with 100 students from the School of Communications


Students had the opportunity to stand up and have their questions answered



 Marlon even stayed longer than expected in order to give as much feedback as possible 


Next on the agenda was one-on-one sessions with campus press 


Followed by an interview with the Frank Ski Show on WHUR 


 Plus an advanced screening of A Haunted House 2 at Regal Gallery Place


 Happy movie goers


Last stop, a surprise appearance at the SWV concert.


The lights went up and there was Marlon!


The crowd went wild, what an end to a great weekend!


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