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The TMS In-Salon Tour



(NEW YORK) – April 7, 2014 – The Beautiful Textures Salon Experience was a huge success! Taking over popular salons in four major cities, the brand aimed to showcase their new product, the Texture Manageability System (TMS) – an innovative new system that presents complete style freedom by allowing natural haired women to go from curly to straight and then back again. Making stops at the LW Salon in Midtown Manhattan, New York (02/09); the Drexina Nelson Salon in Atlanta (02/20); the Christian Fields Style Bar in Chicago (03/09); and The Queen’s Palace Salon in Houston (03/23) the Beautiful Textures Salon Experience was the perfect way to celebrate both women and style! Each stop welcomed guests to a delightful assortment of brunch treats and hors d’oeuvres and featured master stylist, Pam Hogan, as well as master stylist, Tasheara Neshell, who later joined the effort in Chicago. They not only applied the TMS to those attending, but also provided styling options for long-lasting wear and manageability. After they were styled, the guests, who were made up of influential beauty editors, bloggers, media personalities and tastemakers, modeled the final result and provided testimonies about the product. As a send off, they each received an exclusive gift bag chock full of TMS products and other takeaways.

For information on Beautiful Textures, visit www.beautifultextures.com

Follow Beautiful Textures on Twitter at @LovinMyTextures





Danielle Young of Hello Beautiful before (left) and after (right) TMS

LW Salon Owner, Leona Wilson gives Nicole Hardesty of Hello Beautiful a trim.

Before (left) and after (right), Nicole Hardesty

Curls and Mo

Monet from “Curls and Mo” with master stylist, Pam Hogan

Tia Williams of ShakeYourBeauty.com, before (left) and after (center), click for testimonial (right)


Julee Wilson of The Huffington Post before (left) and after (center). Click image for testimonial (right)

Danielle Kwateng of Styleblazer.com before (left) and after (right)

Dotted Line (Orange)




Pam Hogan prepares to get to work.

Dea Winfrey of FreddyO.com (left); and Danielle Canada of Rolling Out (right)

before and after TMS


Elle Noire of JubileeMag.com going through changes …

Elle before and after

Shavlakerie Thurman of CNN.com tries TMS

Model, Nikki Nicole, before TMS (left) and after (right)

“Lexi with the Curls” before (left) and after (right) TMS

Thanks for the good eats, Chef Razia Fuller!

Dotted Line (Orange)




 Salon Owner and wonderful host, Christian Fields checks in on guests as everyone fuels up for a day of beauty

 Food, check. Product, check. OK, let’s go!

Nothing says “selfie moment” like getting your hair done at the salon!

Cheryl V. Jackson takes a selfie

Sade Jones, the NaturalGuru

Kathy Chaney from WBEZ 91.5 brings her daughters to Try TMS

A beautiful family picture

Kathy Chaney and her Daughters

Arionne Nettles of Urban Shake Magazine

 Rachel Odem takes one last look at the curls (left);

and says hello to smooth and shiny (right)

Dotted Line (Orange)



Pam Hogan, Camila Crews, Tonnisha Blunt of Kontrol Magazine & Guest

Before we go any further, can we get a hand clap for this feast?!


 Tiffany Black of D-Mars Newspaper (left); and Senerica Davis of Radio-One Houston (right)


Houston Style Magazine Editor & Correspondent Randie Paul

Angle Bush from Your 15 Minutes Radio (left); and Nikki Washington of Style 2 Envy Fashion blog (right)


Randie Paul “Belle” gets TMS applied to her curly strands (left); and you see the results (right)


Up next? Reign Martin of The Fashion Reign

Reign before (left) and after (right)

A special thanks to shop owner (left) & all who attended



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